Horadi & Lauren: the unexpected arrival of love meet the best [star] Horadi husband highlights the sudden foreign investment in the 30 points of any NBA players are very cherish the work, if you are a little lax, is likely to lose the position. But the family is more important than basketball, Zhu · Horadi eyes, this stage to take care of sick wife is the most important. He chose the indefinite truce, even after losing his place back originally belonged to no regrets. Horadi and his wife Lauren Lauren Horadi · Cheney’s achievement is far higher than he. Lauren is the United States women’s football team in the past seven or eight years, won the women’s gold medal in the two Olympic Games, a world cup, a world cup runner up. They are all excellent players from UCLA, but one is playing basketball and the other is playing football. They met and fell in love in 2009, 2013 into the marriage hall. These years, the couple always support each other, if available will try to support each other in the game. Because Lauren, Horadi turned himself from soccer to football fans. Now, Lauren because brain surgery need tumor, Horadi put down everything, just to keep the wife side, to help her through. By mistake one episode met Horadi and Lauren’s encounter comes from a time for Darren fans will be Horadi · Coison. Without that episode, maybe Lauren and Horadi will not to talk, they will not be met and become friends, become lovers in a few months. It is in the UCLA basketball hall, was being held in a basketball game. "He and I were watching the game, he sat in front of me, a man came up to him and say" Oh, God, Darren collison, · can you give me your autograph? " I couldn’t help laughing. It was really funny, "Lauren recalls. Horadi was embarrassed to say he is not correct, collison, Horadi, and gave it some audience signed. After they left, and Horadi jokingly said "I don’t mind, you Bidalun · collison lovelier", of course this is me a joke, no other special meaning, "Lauren said. Of course Lauren knew Horadi, she is the UCLA football star, but she had practiced basketball in high school, Lauren was inducted into the football team and the basketball team to Lauren last year to focus on football, then gave up basketball practice. In UCLA University, Lauren became the school’s star player, but she still has the love of basketball, so will appear in the basketball stadium bleachers, watching a basketball game. Sit behind Horadi Lauren recognized Horadi loves basketball, she knew every player in the team, but she did not greet the plan until the episode happened. Lauren joked Horadi than collison cuter, but in the eyes of Horadi, Lauren is also a lovely person. "She’s really cute. That’s her first impression," Horadi said. Horadi and Lauren are not love at first sight, they met each other when the couple. "She’s a little older than me, that’s cool. I’m a freshman.