Bellerin joined the battle for the Gunners Manchester exposure right brake or winter window [] left winger Bellerin A Senna star season against the offensive and defensive skills show Manchester (data) and Barcelona (official data) for the Bellerin Tencent September 20th sports news according to the "Daily Mail" reported that Manchester City, Barcelona Luonadou A Senna (data) defender Bellerin as the number one transfer target 2017 winter window, and the two teams each have their own killer. Bellerin was born in Barcelona, five years ago, 16 year old Bellerin Nokamp to leave arsenal. Alves in the summer window for Juventus (website data) Tucci after Barcelona, only Sergi – Roberto, Vidal two right back, Enrique Vidal’s attitude towards training has no dissatisfaction, two consecutive rounds will move into its list. Barcelona are interested in Bellerin is not a secret, after last season’s clash, Iniesta (data), after the game, with the game, and the conversation with Mr. Bellerin, Peake. Mestre, vice president of Barcelona, said in an interview, "in the youth team, we recognized his talent, there is no doubt that Bellerin is a good player. Wenger persuaded him to do something we couldn’t do. In the case of Alves is in good condition, we can not promise him the main position. It’s a good thing for a player to get enough chances to play, and Fabregas, Peake, Alba and Denis – and that’s what they know about the situation. It’s a good thing for the players to see it, and that’s what happened to the players, and that’s what happened to the players, and that’s what happened to Suarez. Getting a chance to play at other clubs is a good thing." The city also has a strong attraction to Bellerin, Manchester City boss Guardiola Bellerin was the idol, and he has a close relationship with Bellerin. At Arsenal, he and Bellerin also joined Arsenal, in an interview in May, Bellerin admitted, "when I came, he and his wife accepted me, when I was a child, he is like my father. I can get into Arsenal, he can’t help it." In 2015, Bellerin renewed his contract with Arsenal for four years, while the Gunners are currently in talks with Bellerin for a few months, but no progress has been made. Debuchy was absent because of injury, Beilailin seize the opportunity to become the main force lineup, in May, Beilailin completed the Spanish national team debut, and the team played in the European cup. In the summer window, Manchester City, Barcelona had bought the ball, despite being the right to reject the Arsenal gate, but the two clubs will buy the winter window again, then, the most fire right back is likely to choose to leave. (Obail)