Rosberg accept the second he can be crowned champion? Rosberg ran faster and detained Rosberg holding sina sports match, but Hamilton did not give him any opportunity to advance the king. Brazil runner up finish, means Rosberg must wait for ending the war in order to win the final victory. In fact, if not Red Bull team last stop playing up, Rosberg is difficult to parry this seems to have been so verstappen, runner up is beyond the normal. "I didn’t come back with a plan today, Lewis did a great job," Rosberg said after the game. "Of course, it was a tough game. Of course I can accept second." Rosberg ran a very competitive game, the second time after the start he had a small mistake led to the loss of the position, there is also a mid slip out of control fortunately no crash. "Yes, it’s good for me to stay on track," admitted Rosberg. The tournament also the last remaining station of Abu Dhabi station, Rosberg holds a 12 point lead, as long as he is in the last station of P3 can be crowned world champion, and his main rival Vista Pam seems to become a hot state. (sina sports racing channel Swift)