Sichuan media: shoes can not cure his feet can cure only the psychological and wallet Sichuan media: shoes not a ready-made panacea on a game for Yi Jianlian in the League sponsored shoes left in the game and behavior, Chinese Basketball Association announced the 3 Results: the punishment for Yi Jianlian Yi Jianlian suspended for one game, the Guangdong team was fined 50 thousand yuan. The association also made clear that Yi Jianlian suspended after the end of the period, to play game, still must wear the sponsor brand shoes. "Shoe" shoes shoes are behind the door for the benefit of the wearing what League sponsors shoes are comfortable or not, how uncomfortable? Only Yi Jianlian himself knows. But after the game against Shenzhen, Yi Jianlian once said: "I know this is a commercial struggle, there is no way to foot injury." According to Yi Jianlian, as long as the change in his sponsor’s shoes, he will be playing hurt. In fact, now is not a hero of the era, Yi Jianlian as an occupation player, especially played in the NBA player, cure the foot play again that don’t need anyone to tell him. The shoes is not a ready-made panacea for his personal sponsor, the shoes can be treated is not his feet, but his mind and wallet. Indeed, Yi Jianlian is the CBA league’s first big players, the league is the biggest selling point, but the CBA League is not only Yi Jianlian, or Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin and other players, with each team of 15 people to count, this is also a union occupation of 300 people. Except for a few top players, most players and no other players Yi Jianlian that millions of Yuan shoes contract, while Lining CBA sponsored 400 million yuan per year to 90% League no super players brought benefits. 20 clubs each year can get about 12 million of the bonus, the money is the boss of the club subsidies to the team, the players pay a base. Do not take into account the healthy development of the league, play on the pitch, which is a China Jiezeeryu basketball. "Shoes" in front of the door must comply with the provisions of occupation since participating in sports, not only for the players wearing CBA this is a rule. One of the four grand slam tennis at Wimbledon for the players to have the dress on the harsh provisions almost abnormal. Not only the players must wear white clothes, and even the players provides female underwear must be white, players can only be sole white, otherwise it will not only be warned, will be prohibited. But for the provisions of the annual Wimbledon white tends to be harsh, even in the last year and the provisions of article ten, many big players complain. However, complain about, at Wimbledon, Federer, Djokovic these players are still only obediently put on white clothes and footwear competition, nobody will be thrown on the pitch in underwear and socks. It is the year of Agassi in order to resist the provisions of wild and intractable Wimbledon chose to retire…… Such a big tournament, Wimbledon has never had. If Yi Jianlian really felt unable to comply with C Wen