Sports "low EQ" case report: Diouf Gerrard Zidane – dare batch Beijing people in work and life, the most afraid of "low EQ", these people sometimes say or do things "stupid" was a little cute, but others brought a lot of trouble and distress. Yesterday, the former Liverpool player Diouf had just retired former teammate Gerrard said "Gerrard also talk a lot of nonsense, what is not", a remark immediately caused controversy. Sports stars if low EQ, influence and spread more, will affect their sports career and sports team performance. Low EQ sports case has a summary can be too many to count, "low EQ" the case analysis report. Mouth type Mowgli Diouf talk but dare Gerard Zidane Gerrard retired brain group, get a lot of people admire and blessing. But former Liverpool striker Diouf does not think so, he publicly expressed disdain for Gerrard in a program. "When I joined Liverpool, it was said that some of the players were ‘not to be offended. Yeah, they’re talking about Gerrard and Carragher. But what Gerrard won the championship, the European Cup or the world cup?" Diouf broke the news, said: "I respect the player Gerrard, he is a very good player, but I can not respect his people. There are a lot of sycophant guy in Liverpool, Gerrard is one of them. Tell him to coach small! He told Houllier what I said, and I had a quarrel with him." Diouf also immensely proud adds, "I quarrel with him after he was afraid to even look back at me!" A remark, even with his debut with a show of the French legend Petit also immediately mercilessly retorted: "I do not allow you to say Gerrard, he is a great player." In the social platform there are many more fans to come out at Diouf: "what the hell are you!" There are people who taunt him: "no one remembers your retirement!" Diouf is still the show commented Zidane, "if Zidane had chosen to play for Algeria national team, then he will be now achieve success and win recognition? No, if he is an African player, he will not be able to get the honor." This time a lot of people can offend the speech, after the program aired, someone immediately came out against him. Football is high low EQ players, Balotelli is considered "idiotic" examples of this another big football be too numerous to enumerate, Ibrhimovic is repeated a classic speech. There was a female journalist in Spain questioned his sexual orientation, Ibrahimovic replied: "come to my house, you know, remember to bring your sister." This is a reporter, in an uproar. Wenger had previously proposed to Ibrahimovic to Arsenal to accept the trial, Ibrahimovic directly answered: "I never trial." And in the period of Barcelona coach Guardiola together, Ibrahimovic also created a lot of scripts". Because of Guardiola’s own use and the arrangement of the schedule is very unhappy, Ibrahimovic bluntly to the media: like you bought a Ferrari, but you use it as fiat." He used to have Guardiola in the locker room