Parkinson’s influence on visual acuity and exercise method of Sohu the health of many patients often complain of Parkinson eyesight, reading difficulties, dry eyes, in fact, a symptom of abnormal visual acuity in patients with Parkinson’s disease is also frequently appear, including visual function decline, visual hallucination, eyelid movement, abnormal eye movement abnormalities. The cause of the above abnormal vision is mainly considered as Parkinson’s disease, anti drug and surgical treatment of adverse reactions, such as the disease itself. For example, the earliest prone to dry eye symptoms, mainly due to the charge of eye movement muscle dysfunction, including the blink, movement is reduced, but the movement just can make the tears wet the surface of the eye, maintain corneal luster, clear eye dust and bacteria, so Parkinson in early patients prone to dry eyes, eye irritation other symptoms. The following tips face special Professor facial action exercise in patients with Parkinson’s disease is the "mask face, because facial muscles stiff, causing facial expression stiff, so it is necessary to do some exercise facial movements. Frowning action: try to frown, and then forced the show repeatedly. Hard eyes exercise: first force the drum gills cheek up as far as possible the two cheeks inhale. Try to grin and whistles, teeth exposed, following as whistle action. The mirror, let the facial expression smile, laugh, grin, pouting, whistling, gills drums etc..