The water body is the best medicine, Health Channel – United States Dr. Bartman "water is the best medicine" a popular book, the importance of water is popular, even the slogan was: "good skin, drink 8 glasses of water everyday……" However, a report by the National Academy of Sciences has broken the 8 cups of water. The report submitted to the United States Congress, in the case of global warming, often add moisture to maintain health (healthy food). Another report says women aged 19 to 30 drink an average of about 11 glasses of water a day and men drink about 15 glasses of water. This statement stirred up the hearts of many people doubt the water in the end how to drink? How much is enough to drink? 11 cup saying some experts expressed different opinions sensational, think that 11 glasses of water every day is groundless statement. The demand for water must be based on each person’s environment (temperature, humidity), health, and food intake. At present, there is no clear evidence that the human body needs water and air temperature. If in accordance with the beginning of this article, we should take more than 13 of the water every day, it may not only be detrimental to health, but harmful. If the blind replenishment, and even make people appear weak, heart rate, convulsions, coma and other water poisoning symptoms. So, normal people drink water every day to calculate the right amount? In general, the human body every day through the urine, sweat or evaporation of the skin, such as the loss of water, about 1800 to 2000 ml, so people have been thinking that every day you need to add about 2000 ml of water. But this 2000 ml of water is not necessarily obtained by drinking water, we eat a variety of foods every day contains a lot of water, should be considered together. Therefore, after deducting from 1000 food intake in meals? 1200 ml of water, we drink every day as long as 1500 milliliters of water, is enough. The general principle is: not less than 500 ml a day, but not more than 3000 ml. Gout, kidney stones and other patients who need more water, should follow the doctor’s advice. Set a timetable for drinking 8 glasses of water a day, it sounds simple, but it is difficult to adhere to. Experts recommend a water table to help you easily reach the drinking water indicators". 6:30 after a night of sleep, the body began to water, get up to drink 250 ml of water, can help kidney and liver detoxification. 8:30 early in the morning to wake up from the office of the process, the body will appear dehydration phenomenon, so to the office, give yourself a cup of at least 250 ml of water. 11:00 after working in the office for a period of time, and then give yourself third cups of water a day, to supplement the loss of water, help to relax the tension of the work. 12:50 spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, can enhance the body’s digestive function. 15:00 drink a cup of refreshing health mineral water. 17:30 leave the office before work, drink a cup of water, increase satiety, eating dinner, not overeating. )