Enrique is offering great Shift of the universe away victory [Barcelona Bianzhen failed to conceal less meritorious report] Barcelona away 5-1 win two Messi ball Su God (official data) after winning but failed to conceal the Bianzhen Tencent sports news September 17th over promoted Marlay Garnes, Barcelona cross season guest field 7 game winning streak, however, Bianzhen third let Wei Barcelona lost the first game since April 14th, losing the ball, Mascherano (data) has become the worst player in barcelona. Since the new season, Enrique’s list, the lineup changed greatly. Bettis, Iniesta, Mascherano, Mathieu (data), Andre Gomes, Rafinha Neymar absent because of injury, because the Olympic Games is absent, teershite were not recruited into the list. The Bilbao athletics, white, Mathieu, Neymar continued absence, Xilaisenze were not recruited into the list. For Alves, teershite absent because of injury, Peake, Sergi – Roberto, Andre – Gomes get off the opportunity. The champions of the Celtics, Mathieu, Denis – Suarez get off the opportunity, for the battle of Eli Gane J, Busquets, Ma d get off the opportunity, Vidal after the two war, Xipu were not selected. The choice of Barcelona players were nearly 5 war round Xiuenlike let media some doubts, "daily sports newspaper" pointed out that almost every game has a two absolute main holiday. The only explanation may be that Barcelona need to adjust the tactics, so that some players do not often get the chance to play. In addition to MSN in front of the combination, in the backcourt got off the opportunity. However, the absence of Busquets or people can not understand, in the Celtics, Enrique said, "although several players can play this role, but Busquets is very difficult to obtain the opportunity to rest, because he has no other people." On the Celtics, Busquets was replaced by Rafinha to leave in sixty-first minutes, let Busquets rest obviously with Enrique’s own words some contradictions. Vidal two consecutive cold war, which makes the media believe that Searl – Roberto will start as a right back. But Enrique Paibingbuzhen once again confused Sergi Roberto on the bench, Peake, Umm Titi, Mascherano three defender collective starter, of course, Mascherano can also play in defence, "Marca" pointed out that Enrique is in the test of the new formation, the use of Rijkaard had 343 lineup, rafinha Alba, Rakiti and Iniesta separated the two wings, as the double waist. The "Marca" reporter Luo Ze Lamy believes that despite playing three defender, but considering the Leganes play five defender, Bianzhen Enrique in attacking. Prediction of Barcelona and media list before the media predicted, Enrique made sure enough Bianzhen three defender, three defenders from left to right are Umm Titi, Peake and Mascherano. It is worth mentioning that, in the coach Enrique, Barcelona has used the 8 right back, in addition to the first 7 people rafinha, were Alves, Adriano, Vidal, Douglas, bartra)