A group of fans old A did not need to live out the farce farce staged events too lose a A old sina sports news 6 pm the group phase fourth round of competition, Hubei and Sichuan two strong meet, eventually the two sides 2-2 draw. Among them, the Hubei team Wang Wenhua scored two wonderful goals in the game, but the game in the Hubei team many times on the main referee objection, and the emergence of the strike and chased the referee. Sichuan and Hubei are the backbone of the China football teams in the old A period, and the two sides of the game are eager to win, also hope that through this platform, and AMI entertainment together to do more practical things for China football. The match began with a tit for tat battle, both sides in the middle of the extremely fierce battle. The middle of the first half, the Sichuan team in a corner kick in the shot with Ma Quan xianbatouchou. Near the beginning of the second half, the Hubei team Wang Wenhua in the middle ball, after a beautiful Masai from defenders and goalkeeper nearly 40 meters away from the ball flew up lob the ball to draw a beautiful arc, rubbed into the lintel. Subsequently, Wang Wenhua is using with mistakes Sichuan team goalkeeper and defender, the ball after defender and goalkeeper tuishe score over second goals, the same wonderful, but eventually the two sides to draw 2-2. But the game appeared not harmonious picture, the last paragraph of the first half, because the referee a handball team Hubei, caused great dissatisfaction with the Hubei team staff in the field. After the Sichuan team won a penalty chance, Hubei’s discontent erupted again, players surrounded the referee, and the staff also called for a field player from the match. Such embarrassment to the game organization is a headache, after the final persuasion, Hubei reluctantly put into the game again. But then in a restricted area of the body in a collision, the Hubei team on the ground, but the referee did not have any penalty, the bench this fryer Hubei team, a staff member into the pit to beat the referee chase. The Sichuan team players watching, anger stopped by the staff, and the exit from the. Seeing the game has been unable to control, the referee is early whistle, a hasty end game. For such a farce, a fan watching the scene said: "it is not necessary, the old A is friends with the ball platform, friendship first competition second. This is the final referee to play, the scene is too ugly. Don’t put the old A that the dark side of things also brought to such an old friend of the gathering place, not to mention there is a live broadcast, so too much to lose face."