James layup + assists goin’best deadly fake Akira eyes fly > 2 – Sports Sohu; > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 16, 2016, in the eastern part of the first knight home court against the eastern second raptors, James scored 28 points and 9 rebounds and season high 14 assists, eventually to reverse the 121-117 Dragon knight. Now James is not the first point of attack, and focus more on defense and post on. In the first 4 minutes after James hit the first shot in a cast. After this, James took a look fake on the right side of the bottom line, Akira opponent double defense, and completed a layup in fouled after 2+1. This goal is not to prove James’s body, but wisdom. Because he just has a look to the opponent creates the illusion, also shows that James is now the support ability still can make them worry. Said James’s physical decline, perhaps. James said the explosive force is not good, the second section to see an attack of James: his face center foul after the break, after the completion of the Dodge in the air two times tie dunks, again to complete the 2+1, then James again hit the jumper, hot today. And James’s physical and explosive, is still the top. After the start of the second half, James assists and coordinate team, especially between James and Thompson roll, CIS and run after the high post, has become one of the knight established tactics. James said today to feel how good, third day 9 minutes James even completed a similar McGrady that off three shots, 8 shots in the case had been off 16 points. The middle of the third quarter, once the Raptors lead, but James immediately began to get angry. The two time he singled out Deluozan, a jump directly after the completion of the two corner assists Jefferson three points, then it is a beautiful 360 degree turn, directly bypassing the Deluozan defense hands dunks. Followed by James hit a three ball after body. To know that this season, James is three points in his career low, this feeling is not seen in the new season. Section third of the last 2 minutes, James staged a person singled out the opponent four, a ball hit a layup after shaking rod. It should be said that James in the third quarter alone destroyed the raptors. In the end, James did not give the team on offense too much help, but the last few minutes James sent straight key assists, helping the team hit consecutive three pointers. In the last 59 seconds after James Frye assists hit a key three points, his 14 assists this season he has tied the highest single game record for assists. The final 34 seconds, an anti James ran out of defense, has been leading 4 points after layup Knight laid the victory. James scored the final by virtue of excellent performance, the knight reversed the Raptors in striking one snag after another home court finally end, continue to lead the east. (Han Shao)