James Wong refused to life regrets: the future of world history at the University of James in his hometown of Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 14th, according to the Fawkes sports media reported in the United States, on the basketball court has almost all the honor that James is not satisfied, he will be ready to open again a new challenge, that is in the future to enter the home university University of Akron for world history, a he did not receive compensation of university education aspiration. James’s biggest regret is that he never received a college education, but the emperor has said in an interview that he has chosen home of the University of Akron, in the future he will enter the university to study for a university diploma harvest. "I have completed the registration at University of Akron, as long as time permits, I will come here to lecture. I have always stressed that to learn some university courses, where the class feel the atmosphere, now I have been reading a lot of books, especially I have too many students, I can learn a lot of knowledge from them, and keep in my mind." As the 2003 draft champion, James entered the league as a senior high school student, and became the son of the election, he has spent the past 13 years of career achievement too brilliant. But James Wong for education has no need to repeat, "I promise" he succeeded in establishing a family foundation in cooperation with the University of Akron, to provide full scholarships for students. As for James to enter the university to study what major, the emperor said he looked forward to more to study the history of the world. "I love the history of the world, it encompasses the entire history of the human world. I want to know this part of the world and the people who created it. I want to see what makes the world so beautiful, so I want to study it. When I was traveling around the world in the summer, I was curious to know the history of the creation of the world." James is not only strict with himself, he did the same for the two son’s request, James Wong also said he and son in the completion of homework for examination, of course more limited to math homework, after all he is able to read math problems. (Huang Min)