Luneng fans giant TIFO thanks to Monti slightly left or a foregone conclusion (Figure) – Sports Sohu   Ji’nan Qilu network October 27th news (reporter intern reporter Xu Kaihua Mou Xiaofeng) is the end of sunshine, Woqiu solution worry. Super League second countdown round has ended, the echelon situation is still chaotic and changeable, but all kinds of calculation, 1-1 draw Luneng Taishan team to complete the relegation. But in this season, I’m afraid not the parting scene. Autumn frost has passed, not to stay in Ji’nan, will be replaced in winter. A war last night, "Scooter" Lifan aid Fernando is frozen, repeated vomiting he will be replaced by cold. "His condition is not serious, vomiting may not be adapted to the cold in Ji’nan." After the Lifan coach Zhang wailong explained. In the stands, Monti is wrapped in a thick coat and his family sitting together, not in the last season of the season to enter the big list of him, is likely to return to South America at the end of the season. Before the game Luneng fans expressed Monti feelings with giant TIFO, there are fans in Spanish to retain Monti slightly, but left a foregone conclusion, Luneng has completed the relegation under a season. At the beginning of 2014, Montillo and Alois Theo to join Shandong Luneng, who was wearing a Argentina national team jersey No. 10 midfielder placed Luneng fans too much hope. The first season scored only two goals for the team in the season he ushered in the outbreak, 24 League appearances and scored 9 goals, including two home court alone, to help the team to victory over Jiangsu Suning, stopped the downward momentum. More important is AFC Champions League, he scored 4 goals in 10 games, always let the fans see the team to further hope. Unfortunately, the League final stage Monti slightly suffered injury, has three consecutive games missed the list. Although the field before the game admits Monti has started slightly Majiate to participate in training, but he ultimately missed the show in front of the curtain fan home court. Montillo had previously issued a document for Shandong Luneng, thanks to the fans, feeling shows between the lines. In the fight for three years, Montillo and the two team won the championship, scoring eight AFC Champions League create history, these will become his unforgettable memories.