Subconscious or metabolic memory? Sohu – health in my memory, the first time I saw this kind of food is unbearable, smell it smell or see its color, is still not an exact description of the shiver all over though not cold, a feeling of specific time, in table I didn’t have it. About 20 years ago things have changed and I can coexist with it on the table. It happened in 1993, I was in the second grade college, watching an American movie "doctor Edward", after watching this movie, that has a name that is subconscious, that originally in the middle school political lesson on a critique of Freud turned out to be a big shot, he founded the school of psychoanalysis, a lot of guidance different life. Is that the medical library can be found in psychology books, but is still there, and around a few quarters of the students in the legend of hypnosis echo what the books say…… In the course of contacts, we have to learn many things, but the thought depressed, feeling into a book to get out, then we put the book back to the library, dormant zuoniaoshousan. University practice that year, and mother talked about the food I don’t eat, mother said I ate that food at a very young age, and love, just have time to eat more, diarrhea, make very powerful. Suddenly thought of the film, "Dr. Edward", the subconscious, psychoanalysis, Freud, the original is the case, the subconscious. At this point, I and the food can coexist on the table, even if I do not touch it, but the original unbearable feeling completely disappeared. I have a lot of understanding of psychotherapy and Freud. Things seem to be a full stop, in recent years to learn nutrition, things have changed. Metabolic memory is also known as metabolic programming: the nutritional and metabolic factors during the critical period of development can have a long-term impact on the subsequent physiological and metabolic processes. How to understand the metabolic memory, for example: if we like sports since childhood, adult, short distance travel is more inclined to walk and ride, people who do not have the habit of exercise is more inclined to ride. Once on the bus, there was an empty seat, and two middle-aged people in the middle of the car, apparently they had no choice. At the next stop, a fat young man got on the bus and sat down in his chair for the first time. What are the reasons for this different behavior? There is an interesting example of life: breeding. The process of gestation, we all believe that the process of giving birth to the fetus, but the reality? The fetus and placenta by releasing hormone will tell the mother what he needed, caused by maternal change, such as maternal thyroid enlargement (structure of human chorionic gonadotropin and thyrotropin are strikingly similar), blood flow growth, thyroid hormone synthesis increased release, ensure the fetal growth and development; while avoiding extravagance waste harm maternal fetal harm. This example tells us that the instructions given by the brain are material based, not imaginary. Memory is not only the behavior of the brain, muscle, bone metabolism memory everywhere. Here, back.