The two men’s basketball coach before the two insurance against each other refused to shake hands with Guo Shiqiang and Deng Huade secret conflict nearly two former men’s basketball coach refused to shake two secret grudges against each other insurance Tencent sports news November 14th Beijing time on November 13th, the Liaoning men’s basketball team defeated the Jilin team home court in the ratio of 115 to 102, while shaking hands after the game coach Guo Shiqiang and Deng Huade both link, but show the unusual scene. When the end of the game, when both the coach shake hands, Deng Huade went to the sidelines, completely ignored Guo Shiqiang, but to embrace Guo Shiqiang’s nephew, was himself under the command of Guo Ailun love, but Guo Shiqiang fully dry behind. But Guo Shiqiang is also not willing to let go, when he accepted an interview on the sidelines to leave, then Guo Shiqiang in two when the first deliberately shoulder hit donewalt. When Deng Huadezheng is ready to lose his temper, Guo Shiqiang was innocent, made a gesture of tanshou. He and Guo Shiqiang, two former men’s basketball coach China, what is the enemy? In 2010, Deng Huade took the men’s basketball coach Claudio China, while a year before his defeat in the championship final in Guo Shiqiang, although no longer the team coach, but is still the Chinese head coach. In 2010 Liuzhou’s Stankovic cup, Deng Huade has to stay on the sidelines with the referee, Guo Shiqiang took the lead into the locker room, and give players the board explain tactics. When Deng Huade walked into the locker room, the scene made him very angry. He shouted to the team leader said: "I was the coach of the team, now if he (Guo Shiqiang) does not go out, I go out." In the final coach Deng Huade still won the a dispute, Guo Shiqiang finally did not follow the Chinese men’s basketball team at the world championships in Turkey. And after the league, the contradiction between the two also show again. The 2010-11 season, in a match against Shanghai in Liaoning after the game, Guo Shiqiang at a news conference center at Deng Huade, he said: "the other team curse, English players, basketball coach scold scold, there are provisions on the administration of this one, athletes and coaches are not allowed to insult the other athletes, coaches, I don’t know. How to solve this problem." Soon, Deng Huade also gave his response: the coach is emotional, repeatedly rushed to the recording desk…" Technical representative on duty rushed quickly to persuade Deng Huade to pay attention to their words, who know Dumbledore does not buy it, but continue to say: "my remarks were not out of bounds, please respect technical representatives to speak on stage I, in fact I know who is your friend!" Today, Deng Huade taught at CBA from the last 4 years have passed, but the two sides of the node is far from the end. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow。 (Addie)