Automotive onion ring: crazy Audi hit the car in the city more than what? – Sohu in October 26th, in the vicinity of Beiyuan home occurred a 7 car collision traffic accident, what is going on? Let’s watch the video first. Is it a Audi car hit the other car? How did Audi owners feel they were hit by someone else? The incident is a normal road sections of the city, is not a fast road or high-speed driving in the city can also be so? Audi is directly from the rear hit other vehicles are waiting for the red light, although it has approached the Red Cross, but Audi’s speed is not slow. A total of 7 vehicles damaged, the Audi car and a van rollover. According to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau bulletin, the accident caused 1 pedestrian deaths (colleagues, the woman was normal across the street, was hit by the vehicle down, mainly due to injury in the head, after she died), 4 people were slightly injured. After the incident, the police for the first time on the Audi vehicle driver for alcohol testing, but it is not suspected of drunk driving. The rules of the people should not always be for those who do not behave, pay the bill, more understanding of the accident or the views of small partners can leave a message to the following. Buy a car afraid of being cheated? There are questions to ask you to come here to change the old driver seconds, only to pay attention to the WeChat public number: " onion ring;.