Hao Haidong: the country foot 20 minutes before too stiff conservative not winning national football sports news September 1st 2018 Tencent regret losing Russia world cup 12 strong Asian Games to start the first round of competition, China team away to the South Korean team, the penguins live invited former striker Hao Haidong and fans talk about football’s top 12 debut race. Hao Haidong bluntly national tactics too conservative, simply can not win the ball. But outside the country foot problems Vitale, Hao Haidong more bluntly: useless! Before the start of the game, the host asked how to see Hao Haidong now in front of foot embarrassment, no one available Hao Haidong said: "this problem really can not say before, there are a lot of people say I played smelly." The Chinese team chose the yellow jersey, the host asked whether Hao Haidong wore yellow autumn clothes, Hao Haidong said: I only in the Bayi team through the yellow, but the national team did not cross." After the start of the game, Hao Haidong said: "today you can look at those who play with foreign players who have made progress, you can see how." But Hao Haidong believes that do not care too much about who scored, how many goals: you into the South Korea 10 goals, and finally lost a 10-11, what is the use." Hao Haidong stressed that although many people concerned about the Chinese football, but the real people are few: a lot of people are going to see the fun." The opening 5 minutes, the South Korean team took the initiative, Hao Haidong said: the opening of the 5 minutes, the Chinese team can not touch the ball. You can win 10 games in a few games, but it’s no use. Light spirit, useless. No coach will ask the player to give the ball to the opponent, then to stop, stop the position does not grab the ball, what is not used." With the South Korean team firmly occupy the initiative, Hao Haidong began to question the tactics of Gao Hongbo: "if so, what is the significance of the game, kicking him to do?" Twentieth minutes, Zhang Linpeng restricted area before the foul, the South Korean team gave a free kick opportunity, then the South Korean team used this opportunity to break the deadlock, Hao Haidong joked: "you put the ball to the opponent after the counter attack. You do not often say that the Chinese team to lose the ball before winning. The ball as long as Yu Hai out of the ball, it is dangerous." Hao Haidong then shelled the national team, "Li Tie put two guns, Zheng Zhihe Dewey on the back. The national team has not had this man for one or two years." Hao Haidong then predicts the race will certainly appear red. Towards the end of the first half, Hao Haidong said: "if you still 0-1 after the half, there is hope for the game. If you lose 2, you can’t play." Thirty-eighth minutes, the sun can be closed on the right side of the area hit the door, the ball hit the edge of the network, the ball useless, there is no angle. He should have a leak, then let the person in the door." Hao Haidong said helplessly. Then Wu Lei wasted another chance, and Hao Haidong said, "you said you were kicking the ball with your right foot, not the farther?"" Then Hao Haidong bluntly with the problem: "three months without the game, you use him?" "Gao Hongbo Really should not!" The second half, Hao Haidong believes that if the Chinese team does not change tactics, there is no chance, "as long as our best players take the ball, opponents will be very nervous, because they are only 1)