Persimmon frost is a treasure, if you eat on the health of frost – Sohu is the last solar term is autumn, autumn to winter transition solar term. "Frost" is a good time after the general tonic, saying "the winter frost than fill", pay more attention to health this time so. Health to dryness, spleen, stomach, may be appropriate to eat persimmon, chestnut and radish, eat less cold food, avoid overeating, strong stimulation. In addition, we must pay attention to the warm stomach. Eat persimmon frost, winter is not cold in some places to eat persimmon frost custom, thought it would be cold, and. The frost persimmon thin skin, fresh meat, delicious, high nutritional value. Persimmon is not only nutritious, but also has high medicinal value. Sheng persimmon can Qingrejiedu, is blood pressure hemostatic medicine, the curative effect in the treatment of hypertension, bleeding hemorrhoids, constipation has a good. Persimmon, persimmon also have certain nutritional and medicinal value. Eat persimmon frost legend, the Ming Dynasty’s founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, when a small home is very poor. A year has two days of frost, did not eat Zhu Yuanzhang stumbled to a small village, the village found a rotten tile heap stood a tree persimmon tree, above filled with red persimmon. Zhu Yuanzhang saw, very excited, resorted to every effort to climb up the tree, eat a meal of persimmon meal, this can from yanwangye there saved a little life. Not only that, but he had no runny nose, no cleft lips. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor. Have a year of frost, troops again passing the village, found that persimmon trees are still above, covered with red persimmon. At this point, Zhu Yuanzhang’s thinking is the tree to keep the persimmon tree died of starvation. He looked up at the tree ordinary persimmon tree, slowly took off his red shirt, and personally climbed up, with the shirt draped over the persimmon tree, and named it "Ling cream Hou", this was reluctant to part. The story spread among the people, gradually formed the custom of eating persimmon frost. Pie food 1 persimmon Diospyros plant persimmon fruit processed, white persimmon, persimmon Ukraine two. Sweet and delicious, high nutritional value. It contains vitamins and sugar 1 times higher than the average fruit to 2 times. Nutritional diet: Persimmon Jiang Steamed Rice main raw materials: 50 grams of dried persimmon, glutinous rice 250 grams, 100 grams of sugar. Production method: wash dried, cut into about 0.5 cm square particles. Rice washing clean and dried grains and uniform, the lunch box, adding about 500 grams of water, then put in the drawer, and steam for about 40 minutes, after the removal of sugar consumption. Function: spleen, stomach, down. Suitable for any hot or weak stomach stomach vomiting, can also be used after Tixu disease, ER and virtual gastric neurosis patients with therapeutic diet. 2 plant dry persimmon Diospyros kaki calyx. Bitter, astringent, flat. Return to the stomach. Jiangni vomiting, Qi wide. Often with clove compatibility, commonly used 5 ~ 10 grams. Six