Legend like Manchester City Magician: He + Zal + Aguero = Premier Silva kings got Neville’s highest evaluation of Sky Sports comment Chelsea during the game before the Manchester United legend Gary – Neville gave his mind now the three best players in the premier league. Last weekend in the league, Aguero and the Arab Israeli two people for their own team to contribute a wonderful goal of the. Neville believes that Aguero is undoubtedly the Premier League in the field of ACE, and the recovery of the best state of the league is also the most powerful players in the League of the United States, the United States is the best player in the league, the best player in the league, the best player in the league, the best player in the league, the best player in the league, the recovery of. "When Zal was in good shape, he was the three best player in the Premier League, like Aguero and the player of the year," said." In the eyes of Neville, with the two kings, Manchester City core Silva is the best player in the league. The answer given by Neville, perhaps to some of the fans surprise, after all, Silva joined Manchester City since, although he has proven that as the world’s top midfielder extraordinary strength, but seems to have never got such a high evaluation of public opinion. However, the Spanish midfielder Manchester City in the occupation career, in 2010 to join the blue moon Silva have become the oldest player in front of manchester. Although the introduction of reinforcements for Manchester frontcourt in recent years, the team also has de Blau Hei’s "new king", but still can not shake the position of the Spanish midfielder. Now at Manchester City, either wing or road No. 10, there is a place to belong to Silva. Not a lack of big stars Manchester frontcourt, Silva still can not shake the position data show that Silva nearly three seasons that never fall out over the total number of ball threat in the top ten, so far this season he ranked second in the rankings data. This achievement, Zal did not do (last season, a threat to the number of eleventh of the number of players in the League), last season’s assistant king Mesut Ozil did not do so. Last summer, Stryn city introduced de Blau Hei et al., attacking combinations also have more choices, but Silva is timely to show his versatility, regardless of the presence of a midfielder or winger, he can create enough chances for the team to attack. In fact, in addition to Neville, another United legend Scholes also put Xierwalie as one of the best Premier League: "in addition to Aguero, de Blau Hei and Silva, the Premier League has no other top players." As the most creative player in the Premier League, Silva is good enough to represent the highest level in the premier league. (Dou Bao)