Shenzhen tour three pass difference seven Richard Berdych into the semi-finals Berdych sina sports Beijing September 30th, 2016 open ATP Shenzhen launched 14 singles finals and doubles semi-final contest. Gasquet, the defending champion Bertic and France’s No. 3 seed declined to two hard disk were upset, beat their opponents, together with Tipu Sall Vecchi and Bellucci jishensijiang. In doubles, Fogler Jhnny Linders Ted and No. 2 seed Oliver? Malak Fabrice? Martin beat their opponents were final. The central stadium matinee first game in September 30th at two in the afternoon, the No. 3 seed Gasquet will be the first to debut, against the German players Mischa Zverev ·. In 2010 two previously Metz station hit the semi-final, but when the French declared out of the race because of physical discomfort, walks Zverev finals. The Zvi Lev brothers this year have appeared in the Shenzhen open arena, compared to the younger brother in the world rankings, ranked 24 in the Shenzhen open topped the No. 5 seed, brother Misha · Zvi Lev is playing from qualifying, he has defeated the Chinese player Zhu Zhi, the Swiss Laaksonen into the race. The Germans in the race is also a continuation of the qualifying hot hand, Jhnny has China players Li Zhe and No. 7 seed ferger. The second round of the Gasquet round of qualifying players in the face of the game, only when the to 6-1 minutes, 6-0 swept through the border, but also showed a good state of mind in the 51. At the beginning of the game, two people played very positive, and strive to take the initiative in their own hands. Two players are bold use of Internet tactics, subtle hand also attracted fans cheering scene. The first seventh game in two after completion, Zverev backhand volley into the net, Gasquet on the line with a forehand light hook crossing, to get a break point. Under the weight of a Zvi Lev into the German two soft, Gasquet seize the opportunity in the backhand forehand sideways directly receiving scores, successfully break the opponents serve to lead 4-3. However, the backhand unwilling to fail later in the game to Gasquet Zverev continued to attack the French, forcing the No. 3 seed after a fatal mistake, the Germans at the break point on the forehand return shitailichen, Gasquet save time, back to the ball in the net, Zverev back breaking success, will tie 4-4. Two people open mutual break mode in the subsequent two games, the first game was snatches seven. In the seven inning, the French win with a small 7-4. The second game is the trend of the first disc version of the two people to complete their first break, then there would be no chance to tear the opponent’s defense, the game once again to grab the winner by seven. Finally, the more experienced Gasquet again at the end of two hours, 7-6 (4), 7-6 (2) · victory over Zvi Lev, the first micheail; to reach the semifinals, also make Gasquet harvest occupation career 450th victory. Mischa Zverev · although the game issued 10.