Why is this year’s U. S. presidential election particularly fierce? Original title: why the United States election tear so fierce? Author: Jia Jinjing source: public number Congress Chongyang "the U.S. presidential election, was lively than ever. Obviously, there must be something wrong. What’s wrong? The "vision" frequent "reversal" too much. This year’s U. S. election, why the plot twists and turns, why so fierce conflict? There must be a catch in it. So, like Trump Hilary to "Crazy", are not newly "variation", but the nature of such. Strange is: this year the United States parties are selected so that the two "non normal" candidate; the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the mainstream media this should belong to "eat melon masses" role, even in the past is "act undisguisedly; guest" poll, this year was completely out of touch with reality picture. All this should be looking for the reasons for the profound changes in American society, and the profound changes in American society, but also from the economic changes. Trump Hilary from the real economy, from the virtual economy to see if the American electoral map, is not difficult to notice: Hilary, focused on the east coast and the five Great Lakes, and in addition to the United States inland areas, all support Trump. From the area of land, support for Hilary’s region accounts for about 1/5 of the United States, while supporting the Trump accounted for 4/5. From the population, support for Hilary’s region is roughly the same as that of Mr Trump, which is a little more. In fact, brings a paradox similar phenomenon has given the general election in 2012: at that time, the Republican candidate Mitt Romney won 29 state victories, while Obama won only 19 (two states otherwise do not implement the "winner" rules, the winner is Obama). Why is there such a phenomenon? This is because the United States has already completed the process of city, east coast, the five great lakes as a continuous urban area, the population is concentrated. While the vast inland areas, the population is relatively dispersed. So it is easy to form two basic disk according with VS, the phenomenon of inland city. Further digging, we can find that there are differences in the economic structure and population structure of the urban area and inland, and this difference is becoming more and more significant. Since 1990s, the U.S. economy itself has experienced great off the virtual reality process, high-tech industry with a blueprint for the future "rather than the real performance of expanding financing, financial industry continues to expand the scale of derivatives trading, the Fed is creating money to fill the high-tech and financial industry to draw a circle". And these processes, concentrated in three cities in New York – Boston, Seattle – Chicago and San Francisco as the representative of the band, creating the amount of currency in which operation, but the population involved is very limited. The American population outside the process can be roughly divided into two. One is the traditional American residents, mostly still engaged in traditional industries, or, mainly belong to the real economy. The other is immigrants taking Mexico as the representative of the American – a part of illegal immigrants, most of them live in the city, but often engage in simple services.