The Jie Zhenhua climate conference for the first time urged investors in developed countries – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Marrakech Xinhua (reporter Yu Lan Li Xiaoyu) in response to climate change China affairs special representative Jie Zhenhua 14 in Marrakech sound for the first time, emphasis on Global Climate Governance to consolidate the foundation of mutual trust. He also urged developed countries to honor their commitment to climate. 2016 United Nations climate conference held in Morocco, Marrakech from 7 to 18. 14, the General Assembly entered the high-level talks in the second week. 13, arrived in Marrakech, Jie Zhenhua, head of the Chinese delegation, attended today at the China corner held a high-level forum on South South cooperation to address climate change". He said that the Paris agreement did not come easily, the parties need to jointly safeguard and implement. The Paris agreement was adopted at the Paris climate conference in 2015 to provide a legally binding arrangement for the global response to climate change in 2020. November 4th, before the Marrakech climate conference, the Paris agreement formally entered into force. High level Forum on South South cooperation on climate change at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakech. The forum is co sponsored by the Chinese government, the United Nations and the government of the kingdom of Morocco. Li Xiaoyu photo. Jie Zhenhua said today that the Marrakech conference is a meeting of the implementation, in developing countries concerned about adaptation, capital, technology, capacity building and other issues to achieve tangible results. "Especially in the capital on the issue, the developed countries should be clear in 2020 to $100 billion a year long term capital funding commitments timetable and roadmap, and propose further action after 2020 to match, new and more funds to support the plan, to ensure the continued expansion of the scale of capital climate." Jie Zhenhua said. Jie Zhenhua also stressed that the developed countries should fully honor on the Green Climate Fund donation commitment to meet the urgent needs of developing countries to cope with climate change. "Britain, Australia, the two countries have begun to do this thing, should support and affirmation. Hope that this will promote the realization of the goal." He pointed out that the international cooperation to deal with climate change, both north and South cooperation, but also inseparable from the development of South South cooperation. China will take the responsibility to work with all parties to make greater efforts to expand the circle of South Asian cooperation on climate change and to promote more extensive climate partnership. This week, the Marrakech climate conference will be held high-level meetings and activities to celebrate the "Paris agreement" formally entered into force, and the convening of the Paris agreement, the first meeting of the parties. Parties expect high-level consultations to accelerate the process of global climate negotiations, in the case of climate funds, 2020, developed countries to increase the intensity of emissions reduction and other core concerns to achieve substantive results. (end)