The Olympic women’s volleyball team beat Sun Yang Fu Yuanhui influence list Guoping Zhang Jike 3 Chinese table tennis team sina sports China sports value list "2016 Rio Olympic Games Chinese delegation of athletes and sports team communication influence list" released in Beijing November 11, 2016. Chinese with excellent table tennis team sports scores and "flow play" has become the most influential media sports team; Zhang Jike, Malone and Ding Ning were among the Olympic Games in Rio Chinese athletes influence ranking third, 4 and 6. Chinese sports value list sponsored by Chinese sports newspaper agency, the two list of this release respectively to the Rio Olympics China delegation of athletes and sports teams as the evaluation object, the statistic data from August 5, 2016 to August 21st, covering the whole of the Rio Olympic games. Evaluation parameters include television, Internet, video, print publications, social platforms and other media exposure, as well as athletes performance, etc.. In addition, in the data statistics, athletes and sports teams record breaking, historical breakthrough, etc., are also considered as additional items, included in the final statistical results. Sports teams spread influence rankings, Chinese no doubt taking advantage of table tennis team ranked first, in addition to the 4 gold and 2 silver won all the gold medals of table tennis honors, also benefited from the influence of star guoping. According to statistics, during the Rio Olympics, Zhang Jike in the social network search volume reached 400 million, the highest Chinese Teams first, won the men’s singles champion Malone followed, the search volume is 130 million, in addition to the search volume of foreign table tennis coach Liu Guoliang also reached 100 million. Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Chinese swimming team in second and the top third. The spread of the influence of athletes rankings, six athletes participated in the Rio Olympics table tennis table tennis all on the list, Zhang Jike, Malone, Ding Ning among the top ten, Zhang Jike is ranked in the top three, as most spread influence of table tennis athletes. The ITTF has said the author, the Olympic Games, game scores and Zhang Jike not only became the red red, a photo of his 10 minutes before the race was still asleep lounge was posted to social media, played a "viral" effect; Guoping head coach Liu Guoliang because of a "friends that do not know the ball is fat?" Became popular in the network. With the explosion of Red Star collective Guoping, Guoping over the years of training and match video netizens turned out, clip into every kind of scripts, you become a hot topic. In table tennis in the "second spring", boost the function of social network can not be. From this year’s World Championships in Kuala Lumpur "King Zhang Yining" suspended animation "Ai Fukuhara" after the popular network network, 90, 95 after the main force of the most respected "two dimensional" culture began sweeping the table tennis, culminating in a high degree of concern of the Rio Olympic Games completely broke. (source: ping pong world)