4 year old girl with his parents to travel on foot for half a China: do not want to go to kindergarten – Sohu news backpacking travel is very happy to see Wenwen love clothes, pull father go to Wen wen. The 4 year old Wen Wenwen is pulling the wind carrying luggage on foot Tibet a pair of sunglasses, a trumpet alpenstock, 5 pound backpack…… Yesterday, Yuzhong District, Monument for Liberation street, a thin and black girl style attracted a lot of people look cool. This is not a small point, is a network of red, is called the minimum China Backpackers — from Jiangxi city of Shangrao province Xinzhou District, 4 year old girl Wenwen, said she began to participate in hiking from 1 and a half years old, and their parents have gone through half a China. For online a lot of questions, Wenwen parents said that their education although offbeat but not the tiger tiger dad, mom. Runaway 15 km every day? No strict playing table, travel freely, tired will rest on the evening of 15 to 10, the Chongqing evening news reporter Wen Wen and Tufeng call father pan, he said softly: "yesterday to Chongqing, Wen Wen to play hey, just sleep. She has to sleep for 12 hours every day." The 16 day at 10:40, the Monument for Liberation street, a noodle shop, 39 year old pan Tufeng a bowl of beef noodles 32. Wenwen first ate the meat, then eat noodles hula. About 15 minutes, a handful of face. Short hair Wenwen like a boy. Walk every day for so long, tired? The Chongqing evening news reporter asked Wen Wen, immediately said: "a little tired, take a break." "Half a year of time, my daughter and I are walking outside, every two to three months to return home. At first, she also like other children as long as they can not get tired, but exercise for a long time, naturally to keep up." Pan Tufeng said. Pan Tufeng said that they often change the itinerary for her daughter. "This October, to the end of November home, originally planned to go to Laos, but temporarily went to Thailand. Ready to stay in Thailand for half a month, but her daughter likes the sea, stayed for 1 months." Pan Tufeng said: "we are all natural, not so many rules, not to say to runaway 15 km every day." Never hold on the way, do not hold her does not mean that do not love her, let her learn independence and courage on the road the most important thing, father and daughter after a total of about 2 meters away from the distance. Fast when crossing the road, pan Tufeng Yijiao seize wenwen. Walk on the zebra crossing, and go go wenwen. The whole process, Pan Tufeng never took Wenwen hand or hugged her. "If she doesn’t feel safe, she’ll hold me." Pan Tufeng said: "but take the Sichuan Tibet line, she and her brother did not obey the traffic rules, I was playing." At KFC, "I want to eat French fries, okay? Promise!" repeated in the arms of his father Ceng Wenwen, finally got 10 yuan pan Tufeng money. Get the money, she immediately skipped to buy French fries. Queue up, pay, end plate. Eat French fries, Wenwen also plug to father to eat a few root. From the KFC, Wenwen is a roadside store to attract. "I want to buy a skirt, dad." Wen Wen took play skill, drag and drag, the pan Tufeng liyebuli she. Less than 1 minutes, wen.