NBA star James: a tribute to Garnett has always been your incentive Garnett retired 21 years veteran sports news in September 24th this curtain call Tencent Kevin Garnett announced his retirement, the generation of Garnett will bid farewell to the arena, a lot of players in the league and Garnett to express wishes. Originally, Garnett and the Timberwolves have a contract, but today, he and the wolves reached a buyout, on their social media, Garnett officially announced his retirement. In the video, Garnett walks alone in the center of the target, and then says, "I just want to thank you. I can’t describe it in words. I can only say thank you, thank you for your love for me. I know that this decision is very difficult, but now I am very good, to be continued……" Garnett retired after the new Downes Garnett will carry the Minnesota banner, last season, Garnett is like a mentor to Downes, pointing to. That KG retired after the news, Downes played a row of ellipsis in their social media, maybe he is not ready to receive this message. And teammate Ricky – Rubio also issued a document on social media, tribute to Garnett, thank you KG, one of the best players in history. From him, I understand the true meaning of hard work. He’s a great teammate and he can play around you, like a dream come true. You have a very good career, watch every game you enjoy, thank you again." In addition to the Timberwolves team, there are a lot of players in the League to Garnett sent a blessing. Memphis Conley writes in social media, "pay tribute to KG, the 21 season you are a good competitor, congratulations you have a great occupation career." The magic striker Fournier also said, "thank you KG, you are right, anything is possible." But the Clippers Jamal – Crawford said, "you are KG, I always want to play together the players, I have always respected his love for the game, his talent and his selfless. One of the ten players # love the most." This summer, the league has lost Kobe, Duncan, and now also announced that the withdrawal of the rivers and lakes of the lake, and now the president of the United States and the United States and the United states. In this regard, several young Lakers feel. Young Clarkson wrote three personal abbreviations in social media, "KB (Kobe) TD (Duncan) kg (Garnett)." Small said nance in social media, "KG left, this year experienced too much." Celtic striker Jay Rebko wrote, "Kobe,, and now the KG, the three I grew up in the idol, they are also my entry into the League for the past 7 seasons, a great opponent." The 76 shooter Skei Toth Cass said, Garnett, Kobe, Duncan left at the same time, the end of a great era, will always miss you." In fact, before the season, Garnett’s competitive state has begun to decline, the thunder forward enes Kanter has said, "KG finally retired, 6 years ago, his knees had retired, salute, thank you KG." In contrast, Dorrell – Wright’s remarks on some funny,".