Skating China Jin Boyang topped the Chen Weiqun Cup Men’s singles third Yan eighth – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 18th, the 2016-2017 season ISU figure skating Grand Prix fifth Chinese cup in Beijing, the capital stadium into the first match day competition. In the men’s short program game, high gold attestation rankings, Chen Weiqun poor play behind in third place, fourth Yan wolo Ivanov, only ranked eighth. Jin Boyang deliver the goods, this season he’s short program music is "Spider Man", the opening hook around connected Toeloop three weeks successfully made three week executive, Axel points to 2 points, half of the program the Toeloop around also scored 1 points of execution, the program had failed from the first half of the jump into the swallow type turn, only three, continue to pace four, 57.02 technical program content 39.15, short program 96.17 points ranked first. Israel’s summer Xin this season short program music is "Dalila", after the opening outside the ice around the ring around the ground fall, Toeloop Luobing step out after three weeks, half of the program Axel three weeks successfully made for foot sit spin three, continue to step four, technology 46.47 the program consists of 38 errors deducted 1 points, 83.47 points short program to refresh the occupation career best score ranked second. Chen Weiqun scored his first appearance, short this season to music is the Beatles "dear Prudence" and "blackbird" compilation, opening Toeloop four week Toeloop three weeks successfully made Axel three weeks Luobing big turn, hook for three weeks only completed two weeks, the entire action is invalid. Continue to step beyond all expectations only be considered grade three, three rotation is level Four, 38.92 technical program content 44.49, the short program had 83.41 points ranked third. Russia’s Voronov this season short program music is "the skin I live", the opening Toeloop four week Toeloop finished three weeks perfectly, Axel successfully made three weeks, three weeks after the loop Luobing step out, three rotation and a continued pace is three in 44.36, the technology program includes 38.57 short program, 82.93 points ranked fourth. Han Yan this season short program music is "I will take care of you" for the soundtrack, opening Toeloop around smoothly made execution points to 1.43 points, Axel three weeks Luobing turning hook from the three week is JIANGZU empty, there is no convergence even jump, the action was disallowed, jump enter the swallow type turn three, continuing pace of four, 35.87 technical program content 39.17, the short program had 75.04 points ranked eighth. (Alse)