A Chengdu woman drunken bet with a friend to Jinjiang police to jump – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network October 31st news (reporter Liu Peipei) yesterday at 3:30 in the morning, a woman in the water of Jinjiang District Jin Jie Jinjiang jumped into the water, thanks to enthusiastic public Mr. Liu and auxiliary police patrol point of Li Baojin has jumped into the river to rescue her a new lease of life. At present, the woman’s body has no serious. It is understood that the 25 year old Li Baojin is the Jinjiang Public Security Bureau police station Shuijingfang an auxiliary, just starting in July this year. This morning, Li Baojin came to the incident, told the Sichuan news network reporter about the incident. According to him, at 3:30 yesterday, he and 4 other colleagues together, patrol near the Jinjiang river near the water street, the 1 people ran to help them: "someone jumped the river." Li Baojin and colleagues were only about 30 meters away from the accident, they quickly ran to the river. And at this time, a male enthusiastic people have jumped into the river, patrol captain Wu Dong quickly to the riverside fence to see the situation. "The enthusiastic citizen said the man was still alive. I immediately arranged for players to save lives." According to Wu Dong introduction, the same night patrol 5 auxiliary police, will swim only 2. And in these 2 people, Li Baojin’s water better. After thinking, he thought Li Baojin was the best candidate. According to Li Baojin introduction, his right hand fracture, but also wrapped gauze, but in September 16th of this year, he had saved another woman jumping in Jinjiang River, so the situation of the river than another colleague to understand. "I immediately took off the police equipment, for my colleagues Jingsheng hang down, with my left hand holding Jingsheng put on the river, and slowly down into the water." And when Li Baojin arrived in the vicinity of the enthusiastic public and women jumping River, due to the low temperature of the river, the water rush, enthusiastic people have been a little bit boring, jumping woman has also appeared in the shock of the symptoms. "I used my left hand to grab the rope, feet stare on the bank, the right hand wrist holding the drowning woman’s chin, enthusiastic public leg caught in my waist, I support them two people." Li Baojin said, because the woman was already in shock, Jingsheng is too thin, there is no way to pull her ashore, he had to hold two people persist in water. 5 minutes later, the police reinforcements arrived, brought a life buoy, life jackets and ropes, they will be the first woman and enthusiastic people pulled ashore, Li Baojin on the shore. From Li Baojin down to the shore, the whole process of 20 minutes. Subsequently, the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, get effective treatment. At present, the body does not matter. This evening, the Sichuan news network reporter contacted the enthusiastic public liu. According to him, yesterday at 3 in the morning, he and a few friends in the bar to drink, when they came out from the bar, listen to a big uncle said someone jumped the river. "Help, I can’t swim." Walk to the river, Mr. Liu heard the sound of cries from the river. Liu said that he was standing in the heart of the river bank has also been hesitant, because they will only swim a little bit, not good, if the jump, the heart is still a little afraid. "When I hesitated, I suddenly heard a woman’s cry for help.相关的主题文章: