A good bowl of soup at home, you deserve! Sohu recently and around the dry skin, throat discomfort, easy to get angry a lot of buddy girl, chowhound finishing some of the Sydney recipes, hoping to use the method of dietotherapy patch, here for the 6 soup Sydney recommend, is very simple and convenient oh ~ Sydney Tremella most common, the most common is white fungus soup Sydney ~ ingredients and practices are simple, but the effect is very good oh! Prepare the food 10g 2-3 20g dry Tremella pear almond 10 red dates 70g 1500ml 1 steps water brown sugar Tremella soak for about 20 minutes, remove stalks, torn into small pieces. 2 pear peel to the core, cut into small pieces; wash almonds. 3 pot of water, pear, red dates (not easy to get angry, nuclear) almonds, brown sugar, white fungus, boil; stirring, and then continue to cook for about 45 minutes. Lily Lily Sydney medlar cup Runfei cough, nourishing yin and nourishing the liver and kidney, wolfberry, wolfberry eyesight, the lily Sydney cup nice ~ video? Preparation 4 Sydney 10g medlar 2 dry Lily 10g crystal sugar water cut top 1 steps of Sydney, dug in the middle part of the core. 2 Sydney in the bowl to Sydney in into the lily, medlar, sugar, then pour into the water (do not fill). 3 even the bowl into the steamer, steam for 5-8 minutes. Sydney Chuanbei Chuanbei Runfei cough effect is good, with the spleen and promoting blood circulation dates, a Sydney Chuanbei to look for food 3-4 Hello ~ 6 candied almond pear small amount of water 1 steps of pear peeled, go nuclear, cut into small pieces. 2 pot add pear, almond, honey, water (overflow ingredients about 5cm) in the fire, simmer for 30 minutes. Sydney rock sugar sweet scented osmanthus in autumn, sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, sweet scented osmanthus and Sydney perfect encounter, give you a sweet scent of sweet scented osmanthus sugar Sydney, preparing food ~ 6 pear some dry osmanthus 50g sugar 50ml wine amount of water specific steps of 1 pear peeled, go nuclear. 2 small fire pot, add water, pear (overflow, pear) sugar, rice wine, and cook for about 50 minutes, the soft boiled can, not boiled (can use knife, check whether the pears cooked, remove pear syrup), stay in the pot. 3 fire water, juice, about 10 minutes. The bowl add dry osmanthus, sugar sieve, pouring in on sweet osmanthus. The sweet scented osmanthus syrup poured in pear. Love wine Sydney western ways of friends, this wine Sydney you must try, similar to the practice of Sydney rock sugar sweet scented osmanthus, but the color is more seductive Oh ~ 2 pear wine preparation 400ml 120ml 120g Orange Juice sugar (available honey) 15g orange (ground) 2 1g 1 cloves nutmeg cinnamon ginger pepper specific amount of 2G step 1 pot add people相关的主题文章: