Business A lot of Indians enjoy reading magazines. With several choices available in the market, men and women often like to try fresh publications while enjoying the same old brands. A lot of publishers aim at offering issues in multiple languages to serve the multi-lingual country. For instance, the popular India Today magazine is available in many languages and thus enjoys a wide readership across the country. There are several other well-established monthly and bi-monthly issues, segregated according to genders, professions, age and preference. Femina, Womens Era and Cosmopolitan are among the most popular womens interest magazines while Outlook, India Today and FHM are the preferred names among the male folks. However, if you are looking for something different and out-of-the-ordinary, you can check out the options listed here: Good Health Lets start with a health magazine because a healthy body is the key to success and happiness in life. The quarterly Hindi magazine Good Health is an ideal publication for the health-conscious people. Published and marketed by Disha Bharti Media Pvt. Ltd., Good Health has occupied the market in a short span of time. It is loaded with several natural remedies and tips on how to maintain wellness and cure issues with home-based remedies. It is now available on portals for online magazine subscription at discounted prices as well. Women On Top Health is a matter of concern for both men and women, but for general reading their choices are poles apart. So now we are moving on to another Hindi publication from the Disha Bharti Media Pvt. Ltd. that is especially created for the modern women in todays Indian society. The versatile write-ups in this magazine not only carry information and tips on fashion, health and cooking but also feature the achievements of successful women. Women On Top has a lot to inspire the ladies to achieve their career and educational goals in life. All in all, it is a .plete womens magazine, packed with entertainment, information, tips, advice and inspiration, Women On Top is a perfect choice for women of all the age groups. Property Expert Real estate and property are counted as the most lucrative investment fields in India these days. Property Expert is a publication by the Maxposure Media Group that provides in depth information and expert opinions on the Indian real estate and allied industries like architecture, development, builders, government policies and HNI investors etc. It is the countrys first real estate magazine in Hindi. Property Expert covers all the major topics that interest real estate investors and provides latest facts and figures about the industry. Andpersand Andpersand is another renowned publication by the Maxposure Media Group and caters to the men and women interested in luxury lifestyle. This magazine carries information on national and international lifestyle trends and concepts along with talking about the luxury brands. It is a renowned magazine initiated and managed by a group of experienced team of professionals including some of the best photographers, editors and writers. The access to online magazine India has opened doors to several advanced and ultimate reading materials. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: