A man in Chengdu fell to the police burst disease hospital (Figure) – the new network for the police to clear the way for the ambulance Sichuan Chengdu news network October 9th news (reporter Liang Peng) this morning at 9:40 PM, Chengdu Century City Simon, a middle-aged man suddenly fell to the ground, his pain, soon become unconscious. Near the traffic police on duty rushed in 120 before the arrival of the CPR in 120 after the arrival of the whistle to clear the way, the man was rushed to the first people’s Hospital of Chengdu city. "We just went there and found a lot of people watching." Chengdu traffic police six branch police Yao Pan told the Sichuan news network reporter, at 9:46 this morning, he and his colleagues to patrol the city of Simon, found a middle-aged man fell to the ground. "At that time, the man and the purple lips, mouth with blood." Yao Pan said he and his colleagues immediately dialed 120. Yao Pan said that he and his colleagues immediately evacuated the surrounding masses, and the man to do cpr. At this time, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, after a doctor’s examination confirmed that the man is in critical condition. Yao Pan reported the case, hurriedly and colleagues to divert vehicles to avoid, and turn on the siren for emergency vehicles to clear the way. From the city of Victoria to the first people’s Hospital of Chengdu City, it takes more than and 20 minutes, but in Chengdu, with the help of the police, the ambulance took only 6 minutes to the hospital. Sichuan news network reporter learned that, unfortunately, the middle-aged man or died due to rescue invalid. (provided by Chengdu traffic police six branch)相关的主题文章: