Low-income housing quality must withstand the test of history Dayu fan commentary authors despite the events of Fugu county "sinking housing" and the like, but a real problem can not erase in China in recent years, low-income housing construction achievements. China’s affordable housing in recent years, the implementation of the system of lifelong responsibility, and permanent signs in the building to accept social supervision, the Fugu sink housing should not be difficult to find the responsible person. According to reports, a low rent housing project in Shaanxi County of Fugu province at a cost of nearly billion, ground subsidence 1.2 meters, in sight. At present, the Ministry of housing and urban development has formed a working group rushed to the emergency Shaanxi supervise the handling, also asked the Shaanxi provincial housing department, Yulin city immediately investigation, accountability related responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the law, and timely disclosure of the results of the investigation and handling. Shaanxi County, Fugu, which involves low-cost housing area, as early as four years ago to allow more than a hundred families to choose the housing difficulties of housing, but today, but no one can stay. Four years, a few heavy rain on the ground floor of the settlement of the two times, one of the most serious problem of a building actually sank about 1.2 meters, that is, the original ground floor, now sank into the basement. The problem is so serious that, after media reports, the Ministry of housing sent a working group rushed to the emergency site supervision. Low rent housing refers to the government in the form of rent subsidies or Shiwupeizu, to low-income urban residents and the provision of housing for families with housing difficulties, is an important part of affordable housing. Since 2014, local public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation, both referred to as public rental housing. Shaanxi County, Fugu, the low-cost housing area, the quality of housing problems beyond the imagination, which also makes the construction time becomes sensitive. This district was built in 2012, it was the occasion of the housing boom in the ascendant. In 2011, the construction of affordable housing in China, the largest in the history of the country’s construction of affordable housing more than 10 million sets. 2011 to 2015, China started construction of a total of more than 36 million sets of affordable housing, including low-cost housing, including public rental accounted for nearly 40%. Fugu county "sinking housing" built in China’s largest low-income housing construction, the construction progress of the fastest period, whether the quality problem is representative, it is worth digging into the. Accelerate the construction of affordable housing, help solve the housing problems of the masses, but also conducive to return to rational prices. After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, China’s affordable housing project has become an important measure to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth. Then in 2011, prices rose rapidly, in order to hedge house prices, housing security efforts to strengthen the building. For the early construction of affordable housing, the most objective assessment of a group of data from the audit department. In August this year, the Audit Commission released the results of the audit of affordable housing projects show that by the end of the year, there are 190 thousand sets of affordable housing due to supporting infrastructure construction lags behind and other reasons can not be delivered in time. The main reasons leading to the vacancy, the actual lack of local demand, poor facilities, housing quality problems. In recent years, there are millions of sets of affordable housing built every year, and the audit found that the problem is not high proportion of housing. This shows that despite the occurrence of Fugu county "sink room"相关的主题文章: