"Aladdin and the magic lamp" Trailer lamp laugh to follow exposure Wulitou fly – Sohu Aladdin Aladdin and Prime Minister entertainment wit Genie heart talk secret behind the prime minister Click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news on November 18th release of the national fantasy adventure comedy comedy "Aladdin and the magic lamp" recently re exposure of a "nonsense" version trailer. The "magic carpet", "magic lamp" fantasy elements stunning debut, Aladdin mouth gun Yuezhan "Adorable wizard, big power PK, the king and the princess bestie hanging line, a mix of people also nonsense style eyes bright, more bizarre plot brain hole wide open scripts and salute the laughter of magic attack. Exploration scene eye-catching surreal topic "double time" on film "Aladdin and the magic lamp" tells the story of deception by walking the lakes Aladdin, accidentally discovered the secret in the lamp, the princess has favored and wealth, into the trap of the wizard and the prime minister subtly malicious and produced a series of hilarious and funny Fantasy story. In addition to the film audience uproarious profoundly discusses the practical problems at the same time, with the identity and poor frank, what if the true love can overcome the gap? And what will be a pleasant surprise to us? "Aladdin and the magic lamp" is not only to let the audience harvest nonsensical jokes, let the audience get deep thinking in life after watching the film. It is worth mentioning that the adventure scenes are also some eye-catching pieces, add a lot of colour, when Aladdin deep cave exactly happened to the authorities? The trapped layers of metal cages and whether it would be God reverse? Need an audience to find out. It is reported that the comedy fantasy comedy "Aladdin and the magic lamp" will be released on November 18, 2016 ".相关的主题文章: