The king of Android! Samsung Galaxy S7 edge officially released Samsung technology – Sohu in Barcelona Spain MWC 2016 released this year’s flagship Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S7 S7 edge, we had also exposed numerous information related to Galaxy S7 S7 edge, let us look at the complete Galaxy S7 S7 edge configuration specification. Configuration: screen: 5.1 inch 2K S7 resolution, S7 edge 5.5 inch 2K SoC resolution: 820 Xiaolong Exynos 8890 memory: 4GB LPDDR4 camera: 12 million pixels (4:3) optical Fangdou f 1.7 CMOS 12.5 single pixel size of 1.4 m, front 5 million pixel storage: 32GB 64GB (UFS 2), support microSD card expansion battery capacity: S7 3000mAh, S7 Edge 3600mAh system: Android 6 TouchWiz: IP68: S7 or other waterproof 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm, 152g S7 edge 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm March 11th listed for sale. Galaxy S7 S7 edge Galaxy S6 S7 compared with edge, the camera are thinner, the generation of S6 no unexpected sense is still used before and after the double glass + metal frame, but the Galaxy S7 S7 edge 2.5D glass greater curvature, appear more mobile phone circle (Fei) (Zao), also run S7 edge was also used to design curved glass back, and the back of the S6 edge is flat glass. The Galaxy S7 S7 edge the most exciting should be his camera, although 16 million pixels 12 million pixels compared to the previous generation, but also reduce the pixel, but we all know that the bottleneck of mobile phone camera is low light camera, pixel and reduce CMOS size increase, which leads to the S7 S7 edge single pixel size to 1.44 m, the Galaxy S6 S6 edge Note 5 generation of only 1.12 M. In Galaxy Note 5, we feel its powerful ability to take pictures, so we are looking forward to the Galaxy S7 S7 edge night camera performance. Galaxy S7 edge battery to the 3600mAh, than the previous generation of Galaxy S6 edge for 1000mAh, we have good reason to believe that its life will definitely be more outstanding. Not only has a high color value, but also has the strongest performance.

Android机皇登场! 三星Galaxy S7 edge正式发布-搜狐科技   三星于西班牙巴塞罗那的MWC 2016发布了三星今年的旗舰手机Galaxy S7 S7 edge,我们此前也无数次曝光过Galaxy S7 S7 edge的相关信息,就让我们来看看Galaxy S7 S7 edge的完整配置规格。   配置:   屏幕:S7 5.1寸 2K分辨率、S7 edge 5.5寸 2K分辨率   SoC:骁龙820 Exynos 8890   内存:4GB LPDDR4   摄像头:1200万像素(4:3)光学防抖 f 1.7 CMOS 1 2.5 单个像素尺寸1.4μm,前置500万像素   存储:32GB 64GB(UFS 2.0),支持microSD卡扩展   电池容量:S7 3000mAh、S7 Edge 3600mAh   系统:Android 6.0 TouchWiz   其他:IP68防水   三围:S7 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm、152g S7 edge 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm   3月11日上市发售。   Galaxy S7 S7 edge对比与Galaxy S6 S7 edge而言,它们的摄像头处更薄,没有S6那代的突兀感,依然是采用了前后双玻璃+金属中框,但是Galaxy S7 S7 edge的2.5D玻璃弧度更大,显得手机更加圆(fei)润(zao),另外S7 edge的背部也采用了曲面玻璃的设计,而S6 edge的背面是平面玻璃。   这次的Galaxy S7 S7 edge最令人兴奋的应该是他的摄像头,虽然1200万像素相比于上一代的1600万像素,像素还减少了,但是我们都知道手机拍照的瓶颈在于弱光拍照,像素减少而且CMOS大小增加,这导致S7 S7 edge的单个像素尺寸达到了1.44μm,而前代Galaxy S6 S6 edge Note 5仅有1.12μm。在Galaxy Note 5上我们感受到了它强大的拍照能力,因此我们更加期待Galaxy S7 S7 edge夜间拍照表现。   而Galaxy S7 edge的电池提升到了3600mAh,比上一代Galaxy S6 edge多了整整1000mAh,我们有充分的理由相信它的续航绝对会更加优秀。   不仅拥有高颜值,而且还具备最强的性能,以及更进一步的弱光拍照表现,毫无疑问,在Galaxy Note 6出来之前,它们是当之无愧的Android机皇。相关的主题文章: