Another Chinese CGN acquired Belgium’s biggest onshore wind farm in transport according to news reports, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (abbreviation: cnpec) under the CGN European energy company and Windvision company in Belgium, 29 in Paris Esperance project signed the equity transfer agreement, the acquisition of 100% stake in the project. The Esperance project installed capacity of 81 MW, Belgium is currently the largest installed capacity in wind field, the German Enercon fan, single unit rated power of 7.5 MW, is the world’s largest installed capacity of onshore wind turbines. CGN European energy company by China Guangdong incorporated in France in June 30, 2014, mainly engaged in the European offshore wind, onshore wind power investment, mergers and acquisitions, development and construction of solar energy and other renewable energy projects, operation and maintenance and asset management business. The acquisition of this project is following the British and French cnpec in Europe, develop a new energy market. As of now, China Guangdong Overseas new energy holding capacity more than 8 million 700 thousand kilowatts, mainly distributed in South Korea, Britain, France, Australia, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. China is one of the Chinese overseas installed capacity of the largest power company, is Egypt, Bangladesh’s largest independent power producers, independent power producers in Malaysia second. Affected by this news, the nuclear power sector early strength, Zhejiang Fu holding limit, Ying Feng environment rose over 3%, Oriental Hao industry, Shenghua biok rose over 2%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: