UnCategorized The beauty of the internet is that you can communicate with anyone from any part of the world all at the click of a mouse. So, it is not surprising that the web is the latest means for communication, business, socializing, shopping, money transactions and even online dating. For those of you who are not familiar with internet jargon, domain name refers to the name of your computer in the worldwide web. The Domain Name System (DNS) was created to remember the name of websites easily. A website is configured as .., for example, .yahoo.co.uk. They .prise of sub domains (name you choose) and top or second level domain. Some examples of top level domain are "..", ".biz" and ".org". A typical example of second level domain is ".co.uk". The DNS server plays a vital role in translating .puter hosts names or e-mail addresses into specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Apart from being critical for sending and receiving information, Internet Protocol gives a unique IP address for each .puter that is connected to the internet. In other words, the owner can be ‘tracked’ by this very address. Since IP address or domain name is analogous to your non-virtual house address, the DNS database can be considered as an internet address book. So if you want to make full use of this booming internet industry and improve your business or sales, purchasing a name would be a wise step. Even if you are a freelancer or part-timer, having your own name as a means of advertising your personal services might increase the demand for your services. Furthermore, you can get a unique e-mail address, @yourdomain.. from the inter. hosting service provider. Normally, it is free when you purchase your name. You can still keep your domain name when you change your web hosting services. Apart from the benefit of advertising, purchasing a name for your website gives credibility to your business or personal services, easy access by customers and reaches out to people from all over the world. If you do not want to use your domain anymore, you can simply lease it to someone else. Before purchasing your domain name, you should decide carefully on the name first and foremost. Decide whether you want a top or second level domain name. If you choose a top level name, you can reach out to people internationally. The second level domain is targeted mainly at the national level. In order to make full use of web promotion tools like SEM/Search Engine Marketing and SEO/Search Engine Optimization, the keywords which you choose for your domain name is truly important. Choose keywords that are relevant to your business. Normally, registrars or inter. hosting service providers offer administration and free services like domain management, free website forwarding, unlimited e-mail aliases, and free parked page and free starter web page. You can use either a credit card for even PayPal for purchasing a domain name online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: