Artificial intelligence toys: you will choose to buy what kind of robot? ROBOO launched Domgy pet robot Sina Technology Ding Zhuang in 2035, intelligent robot has become the tools of production and human’s best partner, they provide assistance to people in public places, also entered the ordinary family as a nanny. However, the original harmony between the robot and the society because the technology is more and more developed and changed. In the continuous improvement of the ability to operate, the robot learned to think independently, they become a human and the coexistence of high IQ mechanical groups, and tried to captivity. This is the story of Isaac, a science fiction writer, described by in I, Robot. In 2004, the novel was adapted into a Hollywood film, earning $more than 300 million worldwide. Although the novel describes the potentially catastrophic consequences of advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. But far from science fiction, in March this year, Google’s AlphaGo victory over the players Li Shishi seems to make people feel a touch. With the success of artificial intelligence AlphaGo hot again. The integration of artificial intelligence technology in the field of robotics has become the focus of attention. And required, robot, ROBOO robot horizon entrepreneurial companies have announced financing, entrepreneurial opportunity has come to the robot. However, it seems that the capital favored by the consumer class robot field, in fact, is also facing difficulties. The consumer is in the stage of robot toys, because the technology is not mature, the product experience is not good, the market reflects the average investment in research and development; the hardware cost is too high, also let a lot of entrepreneurial companies are facing financial pressure. At the same time, the development direction of the next step of the robot is still not clear, consumer robotics industry has just begun, ROBOO co-founder Yin Fangming said. The robot is in the toy phase Yin Fangming participated in the creation of ROBOO is an artificial intelligence robot system company. In addition to this company launched a series of toy robots, such as pudding, Domgy, but also in the development of robotic systems and investment robot team. In September this year, ROBOO announced the acquisition of iFLYTEK and two fund $100 million A round of investment. Prior to participating in the creation of ROBOO, Yin Fangming served in 360, responsible for cell phone assistant, but also in charge of the 360 portable WiFi business. In 2014, he and partner co founded ROBOO, hoping to integrate the resources on the industrial chain, to provide a complete set of solutions for robotics companies and developers. Founded ROBOO nearly two years, Yin Fangming still claimed to be an Internet man. He believes that the Internet is the greatest advantage of the pursuit of the user experience, while good at resource integration, and these capabilities can be applied to the robot products. At the beginning of the ROBOO in 2014, artificial intelligence has not been so hot. Intelligent robot belongs to the professional toy enthusiasts more niche. However, Yin Fangming and several partners agreed that the robot is a fun area after the mobile internet. Subsequently, ROBOO push.相关的主题文章: