Artificial intelligence TV released   home appliance industry has entered the era of artificial intelligence — home — original title: artificial intelligence TV released home appliance industry entered the era of artificial intelligence from Silicon Valley to Beijing, artificial intelligence is wavewave, are used for research and development of a new science and technology, and the extension of human intelligence simulation the theory, methods, techniques and applications. The research in this field includes robot, speech recognition, image recognition, Natural Language Processing and expert system. In recent years, the advent of Internet TV TV has accelerated the product upgrade iteration step, the TV brand to improve TV content at the same time, there is a breakthrough on the display technology, artificial intelligence of the product itself. As the entrance of the interactive terminal, the smart TV will be the hub of the interaction of the family. Academician of the Academy of engineering, China China artificial intelligence institute director Li Deyi said: "not only is the core of artificial intelligence algorithm, namely the data into the program, the formation of artificial intelligence knowledge driven, more is to learn, is the procedure to the data, the formation of artificial intelligence data driven. The future of artificial intelligence will be memory cognition, cognitive computing and interactive cognition of the Trinity, the brain will be formalized in the form of decision-making brain, in order to show the artificial intelligence blowout situation and bright prospects." What is artificial intelligence TV, which is different from ordinary smart TV artificial intelligence TV, generally refers to the artificial intelligence technology and home TV connection. Through the improvement of technical logic and big data operations, so that television has a language recognition, image recognition, Natural Language Processing and expert systems, etc.. Through voice commands to allow TV to automatically recommend, select TV products, but also to learn the user’s use and search habits, in order to achieve more accurate voice control and interaction. Compared with ordinary smart TV and smart TV, the main difference lies in the smart TV has a cognitive level of evolution. In addition to the basic functions of Android smart TV system, voice interaction, adaptive, self-learning, self growth is its main feature, but also the core of the traditional home appliances given by artificial intelligence charm. First of all, artificial intelligence TV has the ability of natural language interaction. And ordinary speech recognition function is different, artificial intelligence TV can be issued according to the semantics of the user to determine, thus giving users more accurate selection and results. Second, the artificial intelligence TV has the function of content aggregation search engine. For example, after entering the word "Baidu" on the TV, there will be a variety of results for the user to choose, the user can click on the freedom of interest to read. These results include TV production enterprise information, TV product prices, TV maintenance knowledge, etc.. Third, artificial intelligence TV has self-learning, can grow performance. TV can be different depending on the user’s viewing habits, the behavior of the user to adjust the internal algorithm through the collection of user behavior, for different needs of users push accurate, the required content. The development of artificial intelligence TV from the beginning of 2011, including Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, BAT, both at home and abroad相关的主题文章: