At the end of August mothers get together to "push" production only to catch the last bus entrance "- Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, August 25 (Han Luwu Liu Jia) with the September school season approaching, many parents of school-age children began to prepare for the children to school. Some of the parents, but also for the belly of the baby plan "reading plan". Recently, the reporter visited the Chongqing hospital gynecology clinic found that for children to catch up with the August "school bus", some due in early September the mother went to the hospital, have to consult early labor matters. The compulsory education law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that every child who has reached the age of 6, his parents or other legal guardians shall send them to school to receive compulsory education. This means that in August 31st before the age of 6 children enrolled in the first grade primary school, while the children born in September 1st, although the child one day only born in August 31st, but a year late admission. "All for the children." 25, the reporter to interview the mother Ms. Cheng in the Third Military Medical University Xinqiao hospital gynecology clinic. She was born in September 5th, and there is no sign of any early production, but I hope the doctor in advance for her cesarean section, so that the baby can be born before September. "Our mother group in many pre birth in September the mother would put the baby born at the end of August." Ms. Cheng said that she has 2 pregnant women in advance before the birth of cesarean section, is to read after the children". In an interview with reporters found that not only the Xinqiao hospital obstetrics happen. In particular, this week, in order to catch the last train, a lot of pre production period in mid September, the mother get together to the hospital to request a cesarean section, consultation, booking volume continues to increase. It is understood that in August to the Southwest Hospital, Xinqiao Hospital, Daping Hospital hospital consultation, maternal hospitalization than previous months doubled. Southwest Hospital obstetrics nurse Meng Shan told reporters that the end of August, the hospital obstetrics and gynecology ward beds have become "xiangbobo", often appear "hard to find a bed". For pregnant women, blind cesarean section, great harm to the body, the baby is not the best choice." Xinqiao Hospital, deputy director of Obstetrics Chen Zhengqiong told reporters that the insufficient month infants, after cesarean section produced, because without the birth canal squeeze, can not be completely discharged lung fluid, neonatal jaundice, pneumonia, lung wet incidence rate will increase, in the long run, also affect the nervous system of the infant’s attention deficit will appear and hyperactivity problems. "Natural childbirth is the best way to the baby through the birth canal squeeze, the risk of wet lung and pneumonia will decrease." Chen Zhengqiong suggested that mothers try to choose a birth in the embryo, the children’s health in the first place.相关的主题文章: