Wine-Spirits Wine is considered to be one of the oldest and elegant drinks that have been accorded a royal status since time imperial. Earlier wine was a symbol of royalty and was often used during weddings and celebrations. Australia wine is famous for its export quality as it is made from fine quality grapes that can be preserved not only for years but centuries which gives the wine its distinct taste and characteristic. Wine is not necessarily fermented grapes as it can be made from other fruits like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine as a result of which the wine industry is a major contributor to the countrys employment, export and tourism. The wine industry has .e a long way and today it has grown by almost 300%. The different types of wines that are produced in Australia on a large scale are European Wines and red wine. These wines tend to be produced from age old classic varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Riesling and Chardonnay as these types have had the longest cultural heritage in some of the pedigree regions of Australia. It is often said that older the wine, better is its taste. But this also depends on the skill and expertise of the wine makers who are largely driven by passion rather than profit and possess the ability to pick up fine quality grapes that are then processed with care and attention to produce best quality wine. Fine wine of Australia has good ageing potential which is one of the main factors for its high standard quality and longevity when .pared to other varieties of wine. A wine is judged on several parameters such as its quality, distinction, elegance, longevity and detail which ultimately accord the status that the wine truly deserves. As far as the taste of wine is concerned, it depends largely on the process of wine formation, fermentation and duration for which the grape juice is left to mature. Some of the factors on which the quality of the wine depends is the variety of grapes used, blending, fermentation time, fermentation container (whether its made of wood or steel), length of time of contact, maturation time and finally maturation container. Apart from the above mentioned conditions the physical and geographical topography of the place also largely determines the final quality of the wine. Although Australia is not a wine native country but due to abundance of sunshine and favourable climatic conditions certain regions have been converted into wine yards for the sheer passion that the people of Australia have for wine. Although its production is much less as .pared to the European countries but Australia seems to be producing better quality of wine with every passing year. Most of the winemakers who produce wine auction their wine online which can be purchased by wine lovers all over the world. Australia also has some of the finest vintage wines and biggest wine exporters in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: