uncensored life at its most elemental. For many tourists a family safari in Kenya and Tanzania represents the ultimate Africa holiday. A vacation with the family incorporates all that a good holiday should

Travel-and-Leisure Children act as if they’ve seen it all, and in many ways they have, most have been subjected to a 24-hour, hundred-channel television loop; they have viewed every viral You Tube video that titillates, shocks, saddens, tickles, or pulls heartstrings; they’ve done everything from fly jets to race cars to shoot bad guys in […]

we are better able to use the soul’s influence to help us reach the experience of fullest glory. This book will help you put your soul back in balance with your mind and body. The soul

Spirituality As we undertake the enormous paradigm shift from believing we are all separate to believing we are all one we need to change most of the sponsoring thoughts and suppositions we have been using. Unity consciousness tells us that we are one with God and are made in the image and likeness of God. […]

this therapy is the next generation-hands on therapy that uses angelic energy rays that works directly with our 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. 5.Emotional freedom techniques

Business Generally, Energy healing is thought of as a power to enhance the natural healing process within a body. Its basically a holistic approach which provides balance and synchronization to subtle energetic .munication systems. Energy healing therapies are best known to work with medical and surgical procedures as it fastens up the healing process. Over […]