Baidu unmanned vehicle Wuzhen city road open operation on film scene – Sohu of science and technology in 2004, a "I, robot" popular in the film on both sides of the Changjiang River, Audi RSQ concept car is more eye-catching. In addition to cool appearance, with one of the unmanned function is the bright spot. 12 years later, with the continuous development of technology, the reality of the unmanned version has appeared in front of the world. During the world Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, Baidu driverless cars will be the first open urban road operations, and invited the General Assembly guests and the media trial experience. Came to the city of Tongxiang road midnight smart cars and smart traffic in the demonstration area, we can see a variety of models of Baidu unmanned vehicle in the whole test and trial operation. According to reports, the debut of Baidu driverless technology, with the support of multi models, cross platform capabilities, the majority of models selected for our own brand. At the scene, you can see the Chery EQ, Beiqi EU260, BYD Qin prototype build Baidu unmanned vehicle. Baidu approached the unmanned vehicle, the first thing you saw is the unmanned vehicle roof is uninterrupted rotating laser radar. According to field staff, this is the 64 line laser radar equipped with Baidu unmanned vehicle, the vehicle in the process of laser radar through 360 degrees revolving around the vehicle environment, data acquisition, obstacle detection and positioning itself around the vehicle. There are 3 lines of laser radar on the left and right sides of the roof to detect the obstacle of the blind area around the body. Above the roof, you can see 2 high dynamic range camera modules, which are used to identify traffic lights, road traffic lines, traffic signs, and obstacles in front of you. At the same time, Baidu driverless car is also equipped with a combination of optical radar and GPS IMU navigation and positioning system, in order to locate the distance between the car and point cloud detection. These sensing devices together constitute the perception system of unmanned vehicles, like the eyes of the people, all the time to the unmanned vehicle input peripheral information. Enter the Baidu unmanned vehicle to test, we found that each operation of Baidu unmanned vehicle is equipped with a driver, but the driver is not used for unmanned vehicle driving, but in order to ensure maximum safety of passengers "supervisor". In fact, the Baidu unmanned vehicle experience operating in Wuzhen, Baidu for the first time in domestic open city roads, realize the L4 level without manual intervention full automatic driving technology, first class in the world. According to the United States announced the NHTSA standards, smart cars can be divided into 4 levels, L4 belong to the highest level of unmanned driving, car driving automation, the highest level of intelligence. Therefore, Baidu driverless car is the real meaning of unmanned. Of course, this cool unmanned vehicle will not be long in the display, trial operation stage, Baidu unmanned vehicle based on the Baidu brain, in a number of key technologies have reached the international level, and Baidu has developed a "three years of commercial production, five years" goal. In the near future, unmanned vehicles may be home to travel must yield, people do not need to test a driver’s license qinxuekulian, and has higher safety performance of Baidu unmanned car.相关的主题文章: