Bank of Jiangxi employees with the risk of investment and financial investment is not retired Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, Sina Financial exposure table received from the Bank of Jiangxi Suzhou branch of a former employee complaints, she said he was from June 2011 to May 2015 during the four years, monthly wages have been deducted 1300-1500 yuan as bank risk, Ms. Mu said the cumulative total of nearly 70 thousand. Banks to invest in financial products on the grounds that the money is not refundable. The details of the complaint: the Bank of Jiangxi in my own knowledge of the situation, I secretly used the funds for the purchase of financial accounts, and my personal account funds misappropriation. After I complained to the Jiangxi Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank of Jiangxi has issued an internal document to recognize its illegal operations. But still refused to return my account funds, the Jiangxi Banking Regulatory Commission, refused to maintain. As a financial consumer’s basic rights, I have no complaints, as vulnerable groups is difficult to safeguard their own interests, hoping to get help. I certify that the above statements are true and are willing to provide relevant evidence. Sina Finance call Ms. mu, I describe the events as follows: I in June 2011 with the Nanchang branch of Bank of Suzhou signed a labor contract, leaving in May 2015. The bank for all unified office staff to handle two salary account, one is employee of my free account, another is called risk account, risk premium from the monthly wages should be withheld, but the employee can not query and control. For the risk account, there is no bank card or passbook, nor on the online banking inquiries. In the account when the bank has promised to employees, after three years the risk of total amount of one-time return in the first year, but she herself in the four year period did not receive any return, after the departure of repeatedly asked the banks to return the risk premium and interest, financial investment goods to refuse to return. First, employees can only work in the bank to retire, once resigned, they can not take back the risk of gold? Find the bank failed to resolve, Ms. Mu urged the Jiangxi banking regulatory bureau to reflect this. The Banking Bureau of Jiangxi province first reply as follows: then, said the head office of Bank of Jiangxi, Ms. mu in 2012 June with the Bank of Nanchang Suzhou branch signed a "irrevocable letter of commitment", and Ms. Mou’s signature protocol, effective June 1, 2012. But Ms. Mou said to sina finance himself has not agreed to sign the agreement. "Irrevocable letter of commitment" as follows: from the agreement we can see that the two provisions: 1, "I only in the formal retirement procedures to apply for withdrawal of my risk all the money in their account." 2, if the application for withdrawal of the case when the financial products are not mature, I agree to the product after the expiration of the income distribution and then apply for withdrawal…… All the funds in my risk account are managed by your bank, including, but not limited to, your bank may take the form of a frozen account to limit my withdrawal in advance相关的主题文章: