Baosteel Wuhan Iron and steel this resumption of     three path mining market investment opportunities – energy – People’s editor’s note: Recently, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, the merger and reorganization of the two major iron and Steel Group has made new progress. September 30th, the two major steel enterprises group also announced that the company’s shares will resume trading on October 10th. Market analysts pointed out that, after Baosteel WISCO restructuring, China’s iron and steel industry production scale in the world rankings will significantly enhance and weaken the capacity of cross overlap, the world steel industry will usher in Chinese giant. This article from the iron and steel industry, the integration of the central enterprises, to capacity and other three paths to capture the relevant investment opportunities Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel shares resume trading, for the majority of investors. The iron and steel industry usher in rising opportunity of Baosteel, Wuhan Steel shares have announced the evening of September 30th, after applying to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company shares will be October 10th opening date for resumption of Trading (Monday). In this regard, CSC Securities pointed out that Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares are suspended since the end of June, in the meantime, steel prices rose 15%, the stock index rose more than 5%, more than 60% listed companies during the period of the steel plate rose over 10%, so the two companies share price Buzhang appeal. In addition, some analysts said that after the merger of Baosteel, Wuhan Steel shares, will form China largest and the world’s second largest iron and steel enterprises, and the steel plate in the reform of state-owned enterprises, a number of favorable policies to capacity under the catalysis of, or borrow the shares resume trading, usher in a new opportunity to rise. In the last week before the holiday, although the market trading flat, but the steel plate leading shares are still outstanding, Yongxing special steel, Jinzhou pipeline, Valin Iron & steel, lingganggufen, property in Rio were to rise to different degrees, respectively: 8.70%, 4.51%, 3.56%, 0.78% and 0.62%. For the iron and steel sector investment opportunities, Changjiang Securities said, still suggest that opportunity to focus on the plate current trading, stocks recommended: 1) located in the pioneer area to benefit from 2 in Maanshan); group asset securitization rate to enhance the Shougang shares; 3) in Baosteel WISCO, with the expected merger of River Steel shares, Xinxing Ductile iron pipes; 4), has underestimated the value of safety cushion performance of large steel, Daye special steel; in addition, with the expected transformation of fasten, ERON shares worth continued attention. In addition, GF Securities said that in the reform of state-owned enterprises and under the background of economic transition, the steel will take on more responsibility in nuclear power, military, aerospace, automotive, high-speed rail and other areas, special steel and steel pipe in the field of opportunities worth focusing on, stocks recommended: Daye special steel, Yongxing special steel, a large steel square, Fushun special steel. The reorganization of central enterprises has accelerated the pace of this year, the central enterprises restructuring and integration continuously staged drama. With the landing of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel restructuring plan, the number of central enterprises directly under the SASAC management down to 103. The SASAC publicly said that there are still a few cases of central enterprises reorganization and integration of the case is still brewing, the total number of central enterprises is expected to be reduced to less than 100 by the end of the year. This means that there will still be a number of central enterprises in mergers and acquisitions plan released. Financial commentator Wen Pengchun said that the current central enterprises相关的主题文章: