Baotu Spring "thirteen years later" hit forty record continued spewing Xinhua Ji’nan September 6th news (reporter Wang Zhi) 6, known as "the best in all the land of spring ground water level of the Baotu Spring in Ji’nan reached 29.26 meters, showing a rare" Baotu air "scenery, attracted a large number of tourists come to watch. It is understood that since September 6, 2003, Fu Yong now, Baotu Spring has achieved "Thirteen later, hit a record of the longest continuous gushing springs in recent 40 years. The city of Ji’nan is known as "spring in the world" in the world, within the jurisdiction of the distribution of more than and 640 springs, the history of the most famous springs have 72, among which the most famous Baotu Spring. Reporters in the spring scenic area in the best in all the land of Baotu Spring park to see the Baotu Spring, three springs Chung if the water wheel, the highest point above thirty or forty cm, to come to view the spring visitors hooked. Ji’nan City Gardens Bureau Director Han Yongjun introduction, since the flood season this year, Ji’nan rainfall is sufficient, while Ji’nan city continued to increase the strict examination and approval of construction projects within the scope of protection, reducing the exploitation of groundwater and other scientific spring protection efforts, not only to ensure the safety of Baotu Spring through the dry season, and the underground water level continued to rise, the underground water level was up 90 cm, and more than and 20 consecutive days to break the 29 meter mark, continued spewing momentum. Data show that from May 26, 1971 to June 10th, the Baotu Spring for the first time spraying seasonal stop record, then the seasonal unflowing always accompanies "the best in all the land and spring", there had been 926 days of unflowing records. September 6, 2003, after the 548 day of spraying stopped Baotu Spring again. In "the fly" at the same time, in mid August this year, Ji’nan 72 springs in the highest level spewing Crescent Spring in more than 1 thousand days after stopping spraying also reproduce the "crescent waterfall" wonders, marks the 72 springs in Ji’nan are spewing.相关的主题文章: