Basket survey: off the stubble caused by vegetables rose nine weeks of pork prices fell – Beijing million farmers near a farmers market. Beijing, a Qing photo Beijing, Beijing in September 8, (Zhong Qing) 5 yuan per kilogram of tomatoes, beans 8 yuan…… Vegetable prices generally rise is not an illusion". According to the Ministry of agriculture, the latest data show that last week (August 29th -9 4) focus on monitoring the price of the 28 kinds of vegetables are on the rise, the weekly average price of 4.11 yuan per kilogram, up by more than 8.2%, for the first time in the past ninth weeks. The reason for the summer and autumn vegetable dishes in advance delisting inadequate supply of the formation of the "stubble" phenomenon, become the main round of vegetable prices. The price of vegetables rose for nine consecutive weeks tomatoes 5 yuan a catty upstage yesterday, Beijing reporter visited a nearby farmers market Beijing Baiwanzhuang found several stalls tomato prices are 5 yuan per kilogram, 8 yuan a pound of beans and the recent price close to the people of the "collocation" put cucumber. Tomato prices have gone up a lot, the amount is not good purchase." A stall said. Reporters then went around the supermarket asked, there is no difference between the price of tomatoes. The monitoring data of Beijing xinfade 2 released show that the wholesale price of tomatoes is 1.2-2.8 yuan catty, week rose over 60%. The last half of the month, tomato prices rose particularly prominent." New market statistics department responsible person Liu Tong tomato "outbreak" is attributed to two factors: the first is the summer tomato early autumn two delisting; tomato supply is insufficient. Liu Tong explained the whole process of the price of tomatoes "from low to high:" this summer tomato prices have been low, seriously affected the farmers income, the farmers will be some plots of tomato plants were extracted, replant other crops; without pulling tomatoes, the price is relatively low, farmers will relax the field management, the quality of tomato the yield decreased, prices began to rise gradually. Although tomatoes upstage but not the case of vegetable market. According to the Ministry of Commerce last week, 30 kinds of vegetables, the average price rose 10.5% compared to the previous week, in addition to a 27.7% rise in the price of tomatoes, squash, beans price increase is also larger, respectively 25.3% and 23.5%. In fact, the Ministry of agriculture to focus on monitoring the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables, has been rising for ninth consecutive weeks. Hong Shaokui agency issued photo " src=" 20160907; 201697174836.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure. Hong Shaokui agency issued photo " > data figure. Hong Shaokui agency issued photo summer food "early stubble" caused by the delisting price rebound "market this year reflect the climate is different from perennial, summer vegetables listed delisting time is earlier than in previous years, resulting in the recent tight supply of vegetables, some common vegetables also appear stubble phenomenon, prices rose rapidly." Analysis of the Ministry of agriculture pointed out. )相关的主题文章: