Bear children brush million yuan worth of hand travel mysterious figure implies the amount of money to recharge the game bears children out of trouble. Recently, a bear children brush million yuan full of hand travel news attracted the attention of users, users have said it is best to keep Xiong Haizi away from the phone. The police from a string of mysterious figures with the amount of crack, the ironic puzzle. Recently, a reporter from the Xiamen Lujiang police learned that the credit card master after knowing the truth, decided to handle this. 648, 328, 128…… Seemingly no regular figures, including the hidden "mystery". Police received the alarm fraudulent credit card, starting from this string of mysterious figures, cracked the ironic since this puzzle. Strange: Kari 13000 yuan take wings to itself 5 at noon, A Qian (a pseudonym) to a bank shahelu to withdraw money, suddenly found the balance of credit card less than 13000 yuan. The card has been in his body, usually not how to use, also did not open online banking, why money take wings to itself? Aqian hurriedly come to the Lujiang Road bank, print the bill "water". The bill shows that from September 4th to September 6th three days time, this card a total consumption of 19 pen $648, 2 pen $328, 1 pen $128. Aqian thought that the credit card is stolen brush, hit 110 police Lujiang police station, Lv Zhipeng took her to the place to understand. Decryption: Digital coincidence games recharge amount of 648 yuan, 328 yuan, 128 yuan…… Account receivable is a third party payment company in Shenzhen. Look at the aqian hit bill "water", Lv Zhipeng felt that some of the police. Lv Zhipeng usually have to play mobile phone games, with this string of mysterious figures and collection, he felt these figures and the game is very similar to the amount of recharge, credit card "disappeared" 10000 yuan, is likely to be used to buy the game equipment. "Does anyone in your family play mobile games?" Lv Zhipeng asked aqian. Aqian little consideration, replied: "my husband and I are not playing mobile phone game, son with a non intelligent machines, can not be used to play online games." Lv Zhipeng let aqian phone check for her son. The phone, his son with aqian says he played a mobile phone online, but not to charge money account. Lv Zhipeng does not believe that this set of words, search the Internet this mobile phone online games recharge, buy "diamond" and the amount of VIP coincides with the amount of credit card. Aqian also suddenly think of it, a few days ago to see his son holding a smart mobile phone, but do not know where it comes from. The truth: online account recharge records found at noon, aqian son came home from school, Lv Zhipeng decided to go to the police aqian house. Aqian asked his son to surrender the smart mobile phone, the police opened the network game mobile phone, login account, recharge records found. From mid August, aqian son of a total of 20000 yuan in the game to recharge, recharge amount, time and aqian credit card bills of "water" — has finally solved the puzzle. In addition to aqian have found more than 13000 yuan, and 10000 yuan of credit card consumption, aqian did not find. According to Lv Zhipeng, the son of aqian summer)相关的主题文章: