Behind the ingenuity, a piece of paper, is an interesting fairy tale – Sohu car about paper art, whether it is paper-cut or origami, seems to show any form, all want to tell us a story. Morgana Wallace, an illustrator and origami enthusiast, she will use illustration and combining elements, in the process of creating the world reference myth, adding their own fantasy, mixed surprising paper-cut works! Her works form generally includes 200-800 different piece of works covered a wide range of subjects, mostly in the Western myth, fantasy tale, a beautiful such as Haier and Ceyx both "Avatar Saini love story, also have the evil dragon and the notorious repute of Western crusaders. These works with layers of paper-cut collage made by watercolor additional details, thus forming a final dreamy origami style, into the watercolor paper-cut, mix into a new artistic style, full of fun and let people find everything fresh and new. Smart and gentle character is not stiff, especially for the treatment of facial details, and fine style comic in different approaches but equally satisfactory results. The majestic scene, or Toyoka Toshiro’s character, works without showing the exquisite combination of artistic connotation and love. Elaborate creation, exquisite enjoyment, just like Dongfeng Peugeot 308S designers carefully crafted i-Cockpit only my cabin. From the convenient handling of Driver-Centric tilting type control, to provide large 9.7 inch touch screen simple, smart and multifunction steering wheel, every detail is hard to build, only for the quality control of exquisite enjoyment. Is willing to stay forever in the ingenuity, to the sometimes boring world! (part of the picture from the network)相关的主题文章: