[Beijing] Diaoyutai ginkgo Avenue: golden dream drunk tourists -1- Diaoyutai ginkgo forest is located in the Xicheng District River in three Diaoyutai State Guest House east wall, has become a landmark of Beijing ginkgo ornamental, is a good place for people to enjoy the autumn, autumn, Beijing, Huai Qiu, fall love. Beijing area of ginkgo cultivation is a long history with the most beautiful, the most famous Diaoyutai ginkgo Avenue, it is said that the ginkgo here is Beijing the first batch, rather than in the more dense thick tan. Every autumn and winter alternating season, large and small golden ginkgo tree tree will this street decorated in air under the tree and grass is thick golden ginkgo leaves covered, step up the "rustling". This weekend, ginkgo forest ushered in the best viewing period, packed with tourists, dreamy golden mesmerizing, linger. The elderly and children, and enjoy the autumn romantic couple, holding changqiangduanbao shoot off, have become a king in the forest. -2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9–10–11–12–13–14–15–16–17–18–19–20–21–22–23–24–25–26–27- time: 2016-11 location: Diaoyutai State Guest House Beijing east wall background music: "Autumn Thoughts" stay tuned for more exciting content landscape traveler micro-blog @shanshuixingzhe相关的主题文章: