Beijing Fangshan found the earliest version of "Heart Sutra", translation of the original title: Fangshan stone monk Tang found the earliest version of "Heart Sutra" Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Qifeng) three translation "Heart Sutra" originally hidden in the Fangshan. Yesterday, yunjusi announced that Fangshan has been inscribed in the "heart" is the earliest version for Tang Monk Tripitaka master Xuan Zang who translated "". According to Professor director of the center for cultural studies and the temple Fangshan Luo Chao Yunju, "Heart Sutra" known as the "heart", in Chinese and East Asia history and culture, especially in the spirit of the ideological field, has great influence. There are many Chinese versions of "Heart Sutra", is the most widely popular version of Xuan Zang. Luo Chao said, Xuan Zang translated the "heart" of the earliest records stored in the "Tang Lu" in it, it was in the first year of the death of Xuan Zang De Lin (664 years), the "Heart Sutra" records should have authority most real. Fangshan has been in the "Heart Sutra" engraved on Tang Gaozong was celebrating six years (661 years), he is still alive when engraved, three years after the death of. This has been explicitly signed: "Xuan Zang who translated the Tripitaka master". But that made by the main merit from near the capital Changan Yueyang County, from the time of working life Xuanzang temple not far. Luo Chao said, after investigation, found Fangshan yunjusi were preserved in eighth mountain cave "Heart Sutra" is the earliest extant version. According to Luo Chao, Fangshan stone inscription in Sui, monks in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty about static Wan two destroy Buddha disaster, have "at the end of the Buddhist law" period of fate, for the future of Buddhism revival in the remote mountain were difficult to create the publication business. Since then, the monks generation, after Sui, Tang, Liao, Jin, yuan and Ming Dynasties six, a total of 1122 Buddhist scriptures, carved 3572 volumes, nearly 3000 words, and built a stone library around the world largest and oldest. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: