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family education | parent-child picture book tasting Manual of success is to see a person is stupid today, I am more and more convinced that many factors affect the success of intelligence, not the primary the. My answer may be surprising. I think the key to success is not to see a person is clever, but to see a fool. I met some of the so-called successful, academic field, commercial field, entrepreneurs, also have to do the management work of success, they were all with such foolishness. Only fools can truly understand the success of such a simple: no matter what you do, even if it is a very simple thing, should take it as a career, as faith, even as life, and firmly adhere to do so, from first to last does not shake, do not give up, to do it, do the world to be perfect. On the one and only, do the incomparable, this is success. Simply speaking, the key to success is to insist, is always adhere to. In my opinion, only fools would do, only stupid naturally know this secret, but also the only way to be successful as. The next question is, such as happiness? What is the secret of happiness? My answer will also be surprising. I believe that people must be happy, because happiness is not wealth and fame tips. Students, I believe that your future will be enough food and clothing. In the premise of not enough food and clothing, happiness is a spiritual enrichment. A few years ago, I gave the fourth students made 18 recommendations, one piece of advice is: "a day to do something you think has the significance matter habits: for example, to help others, or make people happy. Why do you want to understand why this matter is meaningful, and what is its significance to yourself, to others, to society?" The reason why I suggest this to the students, because I understand and I hope every four people also understand that happiness is not satisfied after all in the sense, but in the spirit of meaning. It has nothing to do with a person’s wealth, fame, or position, he can be an ordinary, ordinary people. Please encourage your child to be an ordinary person is happy in retrospect we 30 years, by the false start training so many top students, the winners of the contest, the winner of the gold medal. But we did not see what we had hoped for, and they had produced many masters of science, at least not yet. We all have such a process for their children: at the beginning of the birth of a lot of dreams, want their children to a good school, have a good result; slowly our expectations gradually cooling, the child can expect normal graduation, education, employment, will be able to get married, have children, stable life don’t draw, stable work,相关的主题文章: