Beijing housing prices are "hot" one disc per 5 million   the average cost over 5 million Beijing "hot" housing prices also offer?     September 7th evening, a sudden rainstorm, disturbed by many people of the trip home. Kobayashi shrinkage in the subway, waiting for the rain to stop, but also thinking about going to the house. The rain, like fluctuations in the prices of nearly half a month, let him feel and be caught off guard. 8 at the end of the beginning of September, a few months of silence of the Beijing property market is "hot", the new site opened daylight, second-hand housing "end" sales contract price also rose steadily. A new wave of buying hot, improve the purchase is still the main force. The difference is that people need to buy fewer and fewer, but they are restless investment passengers up. The interval of less than 1 million 500 thousand yuan disappeared 5 years ago came home from work in Beijing Kobayashi, lived a flat-share life, constantly changing roommates, the sense of stability and lack of sense of belonging, let him want to have one’s own cottage "". In September, the tax over 5 years, Lin finally got in Beijing purchase qualifications, excitedly holding a "real ticket" looking for second-hand housing. In late August, I saw in the intermediary website, the old palace area a room, 1 million 300 thousand yuan minimum price, 500 thousand yuan I saved enough shoufu." 6 pm, in the store to go to the store before showings, Kobayashi so calculated. However, after he found that 1 million 500 thousand yuan of the following houses have quietly disappeared, leaving only $1 million 500 thousand to the interval of 2 million yuan house. "A set of less than 40 square meters room, less than half a month, expensive 300 thousand." Kobayashi still saw two suites, a set of 37 square meters, offer $1 million 650 thousand a set of 30 square meters, offer nearly $1 million 800 thousand. On the spot, there is another young man, also looked at the room. "The first suite is not good." Kobayashi told reporters that the house is far away from the subway, pool area accounted for more than 40%, the actual use of the area is too small, down payment plus taxes and fees to 800 thousand yuan. Even more critical is that the owners did not show up. However, 12 hours later, he was told that the house has been sold at the price of $1 million 680 thousand, and he is not a person to buy a house, is not the same person. "This means that the next one will be more expensive, and my funding gap is even greater." Kobayashi is a bit dazed, even if he can even open mouth "neet", he was not sure, their strength can keep pace with the pace of price increases. Spend 5 million yuan to catch this train "leverage the early autumn of September, air temperature is higher than in previous years, walking on the road during the day, people are still dressed in summer. As the Beijing property market, in a dormant summer, but in the autumn of 8 at the end of the beginning of September, ushered in a lot of people contrary to expectation. And the last wave of buyers who are similar, sell small buy big improvement buyers who are still one of the main market. Slightly different is that just like the need to purchase a new type of Kobayashi, in the proportion of pure commercial housing turnover is declining. "Not just need to come to the house, but after asking about the price, on相关的主题文章: